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I have won my case !!

Jul 24, 2008 - 21 comments

My cancer journey began in 03  when I was backwards and forwards to the hospital with symptoms such as heavy bleeding stomach cramps (all the usual ) etc . Scans showed that I had enlarged ovaries , complex cysts and fibroids. At each meeting and after each subsequent scan I was told there is a chance that this could be ovarian cancer , why are you just leaving it then  I asked ? . Well at each meeting I was seen by a  different gynaecologist one saying they don,t think it is cancer  and another saying it could be, but forth coming surgery was not on their agenda for me . As time passed I was suffering crippling pain  and felt very vulnerable . By November 04 I could no longer do my night work and took sick leave and they told me that I would need surgery within the next 2 weeks as the complex cysts had grown very large and could rupture ,my fibroids had grown my Ca125 had risen and my womb lining was 3cm thick!! I had my pre surgery tests in preperation for the so called emergency surgery and it never happened !! A lot more went on inbetween but I eventually had surgery in april 05  , 5 months after they told me they were having me in for surgery. I was advised to sue them , I have just won on the grounds of delayed surgery !!

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349465 tn?1289085364
by Teresa222, Jul 24, 2008
Congratulations!  You deserve to be a mermaid for real now!  They did you wrong and you won. That is great!

523728 tn?1264625121
by bohan54, Jul 24, 2008
Time to break out the champagne!!  Good for you for pursuing this matter and getting justice!

408448 tn?1286887421
by marie3B, Jul 24, 2008
Great news.  If more are held accountable lives will be saved.  Marie

551683 tn?1220659708
by karen717, Jul 24, 2008
Good for you!!! You deserve it. Maybe this will also help others by docs being held accountable as Marie said. Congratulations! You need to celebrate.

356929 tn?1246393356
by Sandymac, Jul 24, 2008
Good for you is right !!! This will give others hope... Celebrate !!

329994 tn?1301666848
by lvfrogs, Jul 24, 2008
That is great, someone finally won against all the ineptitude of your doctors, insurance, etc.!!! Glad to hear that!

408163 tn?1242953101
by Laney8463, Jul 24, 2008
Way to go Angie. Very happy for you. It must make you feel some sort of vindication for the rediculous amount of waiting you did.  Time to celebrate!!!!
I feel like these docs just play with lives and have no consequences to pay. times are changing!!! Yahoo

282804 tn?1236837191
by Jan214, Jul 24, 2008
Good for you.  Did you have to actually go to court or did you settle out of court?  I hope part of that deal was that they had to pay for your lawyers also.  Were any of the Drs disciplined in any way other than monetarily or do they get to keep practicing without anything going on their record?  You being in the UK  it is probably different & I don't know how things are handled there.   Sorry, given my profession my mind automatically goes there.
It really is wonderful news to hear that somebody won and maybe those Drs will be a little more careful in the future.  You may very well have saved some other women a lot of grief. You should take a nice long vacation.  

194838 tn?1303432144
by silver&gold, Jul 24, 2008
Thanks everyone , yes of course I am really glad that they were made answerable for just leaving me . I didn,t have to go to court as they settled out of court . I did lose on the causation part of the case but never the less I will be recieving an apology from the hospital and damages for pain and suffering . Most of us know how much you have to struggle to make those deaf doctors actually listen and take us seriously !! I have been to hell and back and I wanted aknowledgement for that .
Jan I don,t think any of the doctors will lose their jobs , they have a way of sticking together like glue and as I saw 6 or 7 doctors during that time its difficult to actually hold any one of them responsible . I will not have to pay my lawyers fees  thank goodness lol !! .
Thanks everyone again for your supportive comments .


176401 tn?1339372907
by lucymullis, Jul 24, 2008
That is incredible and terrific!!  I am so proud of you.  My situation is very similar and I have researched and found noone that has sued.  You're the first and a winner for sure!  

483733 tn?1326802046
by TrudieC, Jul 24, 2008
Congratulations.  It doesn't take away what happened but sure must feel good to be able to take your frustrations out on them legally.  You go girl!

415684 tn?1257332918
by JC145, Jul 24, 2008
Congratulations ... it is just sooooo sad you had to go through all of this for such a long time.  Hope your care is 100% on target from here on.  Judy

41502 tn?1223520653
by msjazz, Jul 24, 2008
Good for you. There are obviously a lot of other gyn 's out there that should be sued. So many of us have the same stories leading up to our diagnosis.   Donna

178345 tn?1242539846
by gma718, Jul 24, 2008
Great news deserve it! Gia

167426 tn?1254089835
by SimplyStar, Jul 24, 2008
Congrats  Angie,  we have thought about sueing Leslee's first doctor, but knowing how they stick together  it would simply not happen.  But if I ever see her I will smash her right in the face.  Then I will go to jail, but I don't care. Marty

334776 tn?1249972181
by jesslee83, Jul 25, 2008
just saw ur post....that is awesome that you won! i generally have alot of respect for dr's, but it seems like your's were playing the "wait and see" game....and with cancer, it's not good, it can spread quickly and cause many many other issues.....and delaying surgery, well we see the case in point here.....i'm very glad you've been able to get this outcome, as one poster said, the more held accountable for their actions, the more lives're very brave for your journey, as well as your ability to stick to your suit!!!!!

194838 tn?1303432144
by silver&gold, Jul 25, 2008
I hope some of those doctors will stop and take some of their woman patients seriously now , not send them off with a pat on the head to get on with it . It is such a common senario for many . What really used to get me was when I said I was in pain  they   would never use that word , they would trivulise it by calling it discomfort and that used to make me sooo mad !!! . I understand  your anger Marty , and yes you are right about doctors sticking together they do like glue !!

117289 tn?1391716425
by Gatsby, Jul 25, 2008
Congrats.  I am so proud of you for sticking up for yourself and never giving up.  Justice provails!  Time for some major celebrating!

398758 tn?1248223891
by survivor_susie, Jul 27, 2008
You Go, Girl!!!
(That's an American expression that means extreme respect, gratitude, admiration and pride shown for a woman who perseveres.)
You're my hero!

534546 tn?1225031575
by SuzyQ67Cqy, Aug 13, 2008
It takes a lot of will power and stamina to stand up for yourself, let alone go against any kind of establishment, particularly doctors.  While it's great you won it is a sad state of affairs that you had to in the first place.  Too many doctors don't take the time to listen to their patients, and too many patients don't have the willpower or strength to fight for their rights.
You are a trailblazer!!!

642393 tn?1227036256
by sarabeth347, Oct 14, 2008

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