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Jan 20, 2016 - 0 comments






Work cut my hours pretty bad next week. I emailed Karlyn, & mentionioned I'd
noticed & asked if there was a reason...

She asked me to be patient for "them", they're training a couple of new girls, should
all be normal some time in Feb.
Where the **** is that my fault, problem or WHAT???

That won't pay my bills...

makes No Sense at all!!!
Meanwhile, Bobs loosing hours hand over fist... How the H.... am I supposed to pay my bills?

Supposed to get dividends... Late, either way, it'll never be anything "THAT I CAN DO ANYTHING WITH"
everyone will always cut just enough off of my everyday earnings so that even when I should be able to
consider income tax returns or a small dividend something that I actually, "mine to spend", I will never be
able to... It's my curse..
Lucky to survive, (good thing some might say...) I say, I want to be more than just , lucky to survive!
I want to move forward, get ahead & Breath!

What I want has never been important...

What "I Get, I'm just lucky for... (When my lucks not stealing from me....)

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