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MRI and Bloodwork Results

Jul 24, 2008 - 3 comments

My doctor's office called and the results were all "normal," according to them:

MRI: Normal pituitary gland, no evidence of mass.
--I'll be picking up the MRI images after work and I'll post some of them here...if anyone has looked at a lot of these before, please take a look at mine and post any feedback you might have!

Bloodwork, 7/21/08
Follicle Stimulating Hormone: 3.8 (range: 2.5 - 10.0)
Prolactin: 9.6 (range: 2.8 - 29.2)
Hormone level: 16.1 (range: 8.7 - 76)
Estrogen: still pending
--I don't know what they mean by "hormone level"; I asked the nurse twice and she said, "It just means hormone" and I gave up trying to get an answer out of her. If anyone knows what this might be (testosterone??), let me know!
--Apparently, the doctor didn't order any thyroid tests; not even TSH. I was so mad when the nurse said it wasn't on the list of bloodwork...shouldn't this be monitored so I can see if it's heading higher or lower? She didn't look at ATCH, either.

I guess I'm back to square one. Should I consider having a CT scan of my neck done to look at the thyroid and the surrounding areas? I'd be interested to see if any of the findings are simliar to mommy2two2008's CT scan.....

The doctor recommended that I "See endocrinologist as planned", so I'll be seeing the endo on August 5th. I guess this means another almost 2 weeks of waiting before I can start back at the beginning. I can't believe doctors are so terrible with collecting consistent results. Personally, I think my TPO/Tg antibodies should be rechecked, I should have TSI looked at, free T3, free T4, and T3/T4. I only had free T4 checked once, and that was 2.5 months ago when all of this started. It could've changed a lot since then, especially with my fluctuating TSH and onset of additional, more severe symptoms, like joint swelling/pain and heat intolerance.

In other news, I keep getting terrible headaches and this seems to be independent of any medication I'm taking...Meloxicam only relieves some of the pain in my joints and does nothing for the swelling. I also sometimes feel the headache is so strong that there is a buildup of pressure in my head that radiates at the top of my skull from behind my eye and to my temples. I also see a black dot in front of my (usually, left) eye that slowly swims downward as I move my eye around (looking at a computer screen problem isn't helping). Coincidentally, my left eye is worst than my right eye after initially being like this, then changing to the same prescription in both, but now back again to being worse than my right eye. My neck is still tight and a little sore sometimes, but now it's tight on the left side, too. I still have a persistent lump in my throat, and my right clavicle on my chest bone (right below the thyroid) feels more elevated than the left clavicle. In a strange turn of events, though, the left lymph node under my chin feels more swollen than the right lymph node, when they used to be equally swollen over the past few weeks. This might coincide with the recent tightening and soreness in the left side of my neck. Naturally, a bunch of other symptoms are still around (low blood pressure, fast heart rate, occasional bouts of depression, mood swings, tremoring that's getting worse, feeling really cold sometimes/feeling really hot sometimes, puffy eyelids, extreme extreme fatigue, brainfog, anxiety, dry/brittle hair, brittle nails, dry skin, losing weight but not rapidly, low body temperature (97 at doctor's office, 96.2 when I woke up this morning).

The whole last paragraph wasn't meant for anyone to feel sorry for was more for myself, as I'd like to keep documenting my symptoms. Thanks for reading all the way through that, if you did!

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by mommy2two2008, Jul 24, 2008
I so know exactly what you are going through.  I know the waiting is the pits.  I am still waiting 4, almost 5 months later.  My tongue went numb in the middle today, but the lip thing only happened for a minute or two.  The tongue thing stopped about 30-45 minutes later.  Tight neck today too (right side) and I have a muscle at my right shoulder that has a knot feeling in it.  I am sure that part is tension. STUPID THYROID, that's my motto!   Hey - I cannot remember, have they given you a trial script for Levo or Synthroid? Hugs Jules!

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by Jules77733, Jul 24, 2008
No medicine, and I've seen three doctors. They all dismiss me as thyroiditis, but they don't even make it an official diagnosis because they can't make heads or tails of my case. :(

And it turns out there WAS something in the MRI. I'm about to write a journal post about it, but I'm horrified my doctor didn't think it was worth mentioning to me on the phone when I talked to the nurse about my results TWICE and specifically asked for the radiologist's report, verbatim.

Thanks, *hugs* to you too--I hope you're feeling alright and hanging in there.

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by 898, Jul 25, 2008
General Discussion
"Pineal cysts are benign (non-cancerous) fluid-filled sacs located in the region of the brain that contains the pineal gland. Small pineal cysts (.5 cm or smaller) are common occurrences, often found incidentally on routine neurological exams. Small pineal cysts rarely cause symptoms (asymptomatic). Larger pineal cysts are rare findings that may cause a variety of symptoms (symptomatic). Symptoms may include headaches, increased pressure on the brain because of accumulation of excessive cerebrospinal fluid (hydrocephalus), and vision abnormalities. The exact cause of symptomatic pineal cysts is unknown."

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