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Labor pains, not pregnant!!!

Jul 24, 2008 - 26 comments

labor pains






Back pain







Hello.  I'm a 36 year old, and it seems to all goes down hill from here.  Every 2-3 months on the day I start my cycle I get what I can only decribe to be labor pains!  (only one of my problems).  But it starts like I'm going  to be sick and throw-up.  From there its all labor pain syptoms (feel like I have to go to the bathroom, but can't, terrible back pain, and contractions so bad, my legs wont let me walk).
  I had a laparoscopy done to look for endometriosis and was told my female parts are heathly.  Three weeks later I had an MRI done and was told I have a large amount of fluid on uterus and cysts on both ovaries.  My ovaries feel sick most of the time.  I talked to the nurse about getting a cancer test (CA-125,BRCA1&2) done and she pretty much laughed and said Oh, honey..... and went on about the tests not being accurite.  Does anyone know of any other cancer tests?  Also in 2004, I was on clomithene citrate for fertility.  I cant seem to find any information on clomithene other than its a anti-estrogen...?...
  My breast have been so tender for the past 4 days (I have to wear a bra 24/7 or they feel like thier gonna pull off my body).  My cycle should start friday.  I'm worried.  Any suggestions????

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by LadyTiger, Jul 25, 2008
Im on Fertitily also 32..and they told me that i have PCOS pollycystic ovary sydrome....cysts on both ovary's....they have put me on Clomid its a fertility drug but it also has help regulate my cycles and while on it i dont mind starting my cycle....when one it its the best cycle no pain but when im not taking it just kill me i cant handle the to your doctor about it they can start you off at 50mg like they did me...that was good enough for my body but i want a child so the doctor went up on my mg. i have been pregnant 2 times since i have been on it but i have miscarried both...but at least i can get pregnant thats the good news....if you would like to talk fill free to message me ...good luck Heather

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by Cookie70, Oct 17, 2008
I'm having "labor pains"...feels JUST LIKE the 1st stage of contractions...nasuea, light headedness, feeling of full bladder even when it's not, etc.  Even feels like I need to PUSH something OUT.
I'm 38 and had an ultrasound yesterday...don't know the results yet, and I bet, judging from your posting date, you already have yours figured out.  I think I'm posting to vent my fear that my results will be "bad".  I have had a 2 1/2 month period, including which time I was treated for cluster migraines and took a round of Progesterone.  Last month, my Mamogram found a lump in my breast...biopsy showed fibroid, so I wonder if maybe that's what's in/on my uterus.  I've also had cysts rupture on my overies throughout the past year, but different feeling...
Hope the Dr. calls early today...I'm wondering what I might "birth" any minute now.  (My husband had a vasectomy long ago after our 2nd child & we want no more)...I think if I'm faced with a choice regarding my uterus, I'll have it removed...I hope I have a direction ASAP this morning!!!
Hope you two have figured it out!  Best Wishes!  Cookie

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by shelly19, Dec 09, 2008
hello im a 38 year old suffering from a back injury from work i've been out of work for a year symptoms are as follows low back pain from the waist down pressure in my bottocks thighs and legs seem to give out but the workes comp drs tells me that ther is nothing wrong but this is not normal for me this all started after the injury im just looking for some ans   thank you shelly19

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by jboo_29, Mar 18, 2010
about two days ago i started having "labor pains" of which feel like my ovaries and uterus are being stabbed over and over again and i am frightened for i never felt such a thing before. i have what the doctors prescribe as dysfunctional utereine bleeding and this happens quite often. i have only been able to concieve one time in my life and would like more children  but for some reason my body won't let me. i am 29 years old and need suggestions. by the way all this pain is happeneing and i'm NOT pregnant. it is very scary


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by t32inpain, Sep 02, 2010
I get excruciating back I'm leaning forward / sway back b/c it feels like my back will snap in 1/2.... at times I walk "funny" to compensate the extreme pain in buttocks/ hip!!!  At times I wonder if in labor!!....I have an IUD.....n sometimes feel like my "ligaments" are pulling / stretching in inferior pubic in early pregnancy.......but Im NOT prego!........ and now my left breast leaks occasionally!!!!!?????? Seriously Freakin me out!!!...... Im almost 32..... have 1 child.....probably enough.....maybe I should have IUD removed along with my reproductive parts.......urrrrggghhhh!

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by scared332, Oct 09, 2010
I have the EXACT symptoms as the post directly above me, however, it is my right breast that felt a tiny bit like it leaked and I do not have an IUD. I did up until about 4 months ago, though. I am also getting sick (sore throat, aching joints etc, but no fever) and it seems unrelated to the pain. Did you ever figure out what was wrong with you, t32inpain?

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by christinacowley, Feb 09, 2011
5 months ago I had my son they found alot of promblems, they found cysts in my stomach, and cyst on my overies, they aslo found a hole in my stomach they said of however delivered my daughter that is one didnt close it up. They told me I was like fixing a car my stomach was tht bad. 3 weeks later I had to go in to get fixed and they found more cyst in my stomach. What is happing now im hurting on my lower stomach and the pain feels like labor pains. I aslo expericance back pains I dont know what it is I just want it to go away. What is it?


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by GoddessTati, Feb 17, 2011
I am a 35 yr old female, I had my 2 children early; I am experiencing labor-like pains, but I am not pregnant, I have not been sexually active in a yr and I have already cycled this month. In Dec' 2010 I had a full scope blood test because of a UTI, everything was fine as far as other findings. Took all antibiotics that were prescribed for UTI, no longer experienced symptoms of a UTI. Now 2 months later I am experiencing debilitating labor-like pains...?


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by jax1233, Jan 14, 2012
Back in June of 11 I went to the er for abdominal pain the Dr was going to send me home but a nerosurgeon reviewed my ultrasound and immidiatly had me taken into the er for a 5cm cyst on my left ovary and 2 4 and 6cm cyst only right but that wasn't why I went in for emergency surgery while looking at the cat scan he saw that the cyst on the right had torsioned my ovary and it needed to be taken care of while fixing me thru laperscopic surgery the ob surgeon noticed with the camera anexcisive amount of blood when she moved the camera she saw my right ovary has ruptured so I went from tiny inssisons to a c section innsision and ever since then I have had pain as if I'm in labor or it's happening all over again. I have fine to see drs ans they have referee me to a pain specialist and to talk to a surgeon but of course iehp won't cover the cost so I'm stuck dealing with pain thanks government for making help so hard to get.

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by teenagemummyandproud, Jan 31, 2012
hi im new to all this fourum stuff, im 19 nearly 20 and have a 1 year old son, before i had my son i suffered alot with my stomach as a child, from kidney infections to appendesitus servere constipation all sorts of medical problems, when i was pregnant i was glowing i had no awul symptoms all of my previous aches and pains disspered. since giving birth i have had nothing but trouble i encountered a number of uterine infections due to a difficult delivery and again servere constipation. i have since had a colonoscopy and a bowel xray known as a colonic transit study, both of witch have found no known cause, the past week i have has the most unbareable back pains and have now started to feel enormous labour pains, i was in labour 26 hours and cannot mistake these pains for anything else, i have been feeling troumendous pressure in my back stomach and vagina giving me an urge to push though nothing is happening has anyone else experienced this if so did you ever find a soloution to it, it is limiting everything i do with my beautiful baby boy, i have massive support from my partner and family witch helps but would really like to be back to normal whatever normal is

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by shawnlopez, Mar 23, 2012
I am a 48 year old and I have suffered from labor pains for nearly 30 years now. Drs have given me no answers. Its seem most of us have had ovarian cyst, uti's and bladder or kidney infections. I had a complete hysterectomy 10 years ago and still suffer from these labor pains. I did see on another blog where a Dr states that passing kidney stones can cause this. you all know the last thing we want to do is sit in an er room with labor pains but it may be the only way to get answers. My pains have been lasting up to 5 days now. Trust me girls it gets worse and no pain meds help. I will test the kidney stone theory and post back to you. At least we know were not alone in this. Thought I was the only one :)

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by Olathia, Nov 05, 2012
Been having gynocoligicalproblems for about 7 years. Had a prolapse repair 7 years ago and key hole investigation 5 years ago for cyst on ovary. Had a marina coil fitted at that point. Had no period for 5 years, sex is painfull and bleed afterwards. Pain in abdominal area and lymph nodes on left hand side and left breast are swollen. This week acute onset of lower back pain and abdominal pain, felt like labour. a and E doctor said it was my abdominal pain was due to my age 49 and back pain was due to my weight. I have woke up the followingorning and back was just a dull ache. My abdominal area feels swollen and ached and do do tops of my legs, back feels like pressure on it like after you have had a baby( I have had three). I have an ultra sound today that was previously arranged throughout private medical. Will be interested in the findings!

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by mommaneedshelp31, Jan 11, 2013
I am 31 years old and for a long time now specially before my period I start having pains as if I was in labor. Back feels like a truck is parked on it my hips feel as if there being crushed, my stomach is a pain only felt when had my kids. My legs cramp down to my knee the numb from there. I have had test and there normal, I do have a cyst on my ovaries one big on get little ones alto and they bust. I have take meds for a uti and  the piit never went away. Haven't been sexually active in a year and half. I was told 4 years ago I had active cancer cells, but all that was done was, but on birth control to flush them out and was unchecked and said I was find except that my uterus never came back up from my last child nine years ago. I have taken pain pills and everything and it want stop the pain. I do also have back problems but this is different!! It hurts and been to hospital a dozen times and doctors over and over and know one is doing anything or telling me anything. Last month went to the hospital and they did a Ct scan and admitted me and two mins after they admitted me a Dr. I had not ever seen came in a released me due to lack of bed due to this bad flu out break. What am I to do? I don't have medical insurance since my husband past and know one will listen!!!! Help me someone!! I am begging!!!!

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by mishelb, Jul 17, 2014
Omg! Im a 37 yr old female I had 2 abortions 3 regular deliveries then tied my tubes after my 3rd child. But lately I've been experiencing headaches which is kind of weird because im not 1 to get headaches.then today I felt like I was in labor the pain would come and go I can't be pregnet my tubes are tied crying out loud.but I also noticed that when I squeeze my nipples a bit liquid comes out as if im lactating. I've had uti before also bladder infections I've also suffered from stomach ulcer but that was many many years ago im due for a pap & I have not yet taken a mammogram can I get some answers soon please! Its so painful!

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by Mrsmrmagic14, Jan 03, 2015
Hi I'm 26 year old female i have had for about 5 days now a ghost period with the pains but this time with a bulging urge to push out the period I've never felt this before I have a ten year coil and 2 children one of 3 years and one of 8 any ideas???

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by mistyjbhs, Feb 06, 2015
27 years old
3 natural births, (2010)
Pelvic pain started May 2014, no doctor can say exactly what is going on besides PCOS. This pain should not be considered normal.
New symptom for the Past 4 days, I've been experiencing nagging labor pains including pain in back. Pains literally come back every 5 to 10 mins causing a pause in whatever I'm doing. I don't know what else I should do.

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by Invernessity, Apr 12, 2015
I had severe pain with my period for years, which was diagnosed as "Primary Dysmenorrhea." Then I labored and delivered a son. I told my doctor that what I feel monthly was very like my labor pain. I was subsequently diagnosed with excess Prostoglandin production, which I was told put me into labor every month. And, then, after exploratory surgery ten years later, I was subsequently diagnosed with Endometriosis. Two separate conditions, but related. If you have bad cramping (I couldn't move for two days every month, and actually passed out from the pain once), ask your doctor to check for either excess Prostoglandins and/or Endometriosis. I hope this helps someone because these conditions are misdiagnosed, and/or go undiagnosed, despite being well publicized for 30 years now.

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by Invernessity, Apr 12, 2015
I don't know how to edit my previous post, so I am amending it here. In that post, I recommended to women who feel like they may be having pain similar to labor pain when they are NOT pregnant, that they have a doctor evaluate them to determine if they may be producing excess Prostoglandins and/or have Endometriosis.  I suffered from painful periods, but I also had occasional nausea - sometimes with vomiting, back pain, pain when defecating, pain with ovulation, uncomfortable sex, non-specific abdominal pain (vague aches and pains I found difficult to clearly describe, or point to), and even headaches. None of these symptoms were constant, but the one occurring most often was the period pain. I would describe that, before my diagnosis of Endometriosis, as crampy - many times, it felt like it came in waves where the pain would increase and then diminish slightly, and this would repeat every two to five minutes for a day or longer when my period began. The other symptoms sometimes only occurred when I had my period but, other months, I had them outside my period time. I never really had all of them at once - if I did, that was rare. After I developed Endometriosis, I had more pain outside my period time, and I had more of all of these symptoms - but, again, they were not constant. And my period pain actually got worse some months (not every month), but the pattern was generally toward more constant pain with my period and less of the noticeable cramping. So I would encourage any woman with GI or abdominal issues to research both excess Prostoglandins and Endometriosis. I also do want to mention a more serious possibility, that of Ovarian Cancer. My friend died after suffering with this cancer for a little more than a year - and she had been to the doctor several times only to be told initially her abdominal pain was due to her excess weight. So, please, be aware of this cancer and its symptoms, but also know that this is indeed unlikely - so don't focus on this diagnosis and panic! Good luck to all of you. You are in my prayers.

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by Painfulneedhelp, Nov 02, 2015
I am  37 I have four healthy children and as i find the last two years I have had a lot of labor pains but not pregnant I've been to the gynecologist everything has came back normal all testings have had ultrasound of the ovaries uterus everything came back normal other than having an ovarian cyst.  It is really frustrating that I have so much pain in my lower stomach my lower back breast are sore to the touch.  I also have to wear a bra to try and hold them to my body to keep some of the pain down   I seem to be nauseated as if I'm pregnant at times.  I even get dizzy. Sometimes even the smell of certain foods make me feel sick greasy foods make me feel sick.  The pain feels like labor pains.  I just wish I could find out what it is causing so much pain. I was told by the gynecologist that I should have maybe my bowel check out that sometimes you can have the symptoms from a blockage in your Bowels or it could be my appendix,  gallbladder.  I just don't know I also had my share of UTIs as a teenager and young adult but after my children I haven't had any UTIs in a very long time   I'm beginning to wonder if the pain I have was also the same pain back then before I had children and the doctors mistake it as a UTI because they have no other answers for my symptoms.   Allegri with the lady that stated we should all go sit in a doctors office or hospital together and force the doctors to find out what is wrong with us   Hi see that most of us are in our 30s and having these problems there's clearly an answer for our symptoms we just need to find someone willing to help us find out what it is and give us  relief.  If anyone gets any new information as to what the symptoms are please let me know. Sincerely in a lot of pain

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by Klh1985, Jan 09, 2016
Hi im sure
I've got a uti as constantly need to wee - hardly do anything and it hurts. But I'm also now getting an overwhelming urge to push! I've just been to the toilet 10mins ago and laying in bed and my lady area feels so uncomfortable - like I've just had a baby. I'm 30 and have a 7 year old and I'm not pregnant as have the implant. It's so uncomfortable and I've not experienced this since labour. I don't get any Cramps or other labour symptoms - just got for.a wee and then (sorry for tmi) it feels like my downstairs is bulging almost  
Will have to wait now till Monday for a Drs appointment tho might ask to see a nurse instead.

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by ckat3, Oct 19, 2016
You all like me..its PMDD.

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by PatriciaJeanSullins1990, Apr 26, 2017
27 year old feamle!!!
Not pregnant!!!
Labor Pains to the extreme, back pains, and sometimes sickness... These pains can lat as short as an hour to sometimes 3 weeks long...   Just like a pregnancy.. I have 5 children, delivered all vaginally at full term.   These pain started April of 2016  after I had surgery for a tubal ligation, ablasion, and hyserposcopy.
Ive seen 4 obgyns, 4 emergency rooms, and 3 different primary care physicians.  The best answer I can get is endemetriosis, I have friends that have endemetriosis as well, mine is way worse...  If anyone that has my symptoms and has found anything out please contact me... Sullins_Patricia***@****

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by Ajah123, Dec 10, 2017
Hello i
Am 22 1 child 17 mo and lay down with her and I'm experiencing back labor pains kind of I guess and stretching down in my vagina pain kind of down in my vagina and just pressure every so often I feel like I have to push but I'm not pregnant what could this be? Well not that í know of

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by Plainjane07, Feb 03, 2018
I'm a 38 year-old woman in seemingly good health. Aside from the fact that I have had what seems like intense labor pains that I have been dealing with off and on for the past 3 years. I have seen doctors and it been to the emergency room on more occasions that I care to think of. As of yet no one has been able to tell me what is wrong with me. The worst part is being treated like I'm either crazy or surfing for pain meds. I've sat home in pain for days at times and even bleeding because every time I go to see a medical professional they tell me there's nothing wrong with me! Is there anyone out there that has any idea as to what this could be?!?

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by Tella22, Feb 07, 2018
Is there no one with answers?

I am 32 and suffer from the same symptoms.
Tender breasts, severe lower back pain, contractions that will bring your world to a stop...

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by brandi726, Mar 12, 2018
I am having the same issue with the labor pains and cramping in my uterus and would like to know if any of you ladies have your tubes tied as well?
I never had no issues with anything before but had my tubes tied in 2017, and now Im worried something is happening from side effects of that procedure.

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