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Jan 20, 2016 - 0 comments






Well. if my dividends did come, they must of gone to my last acct (from AK) because they're not
in my current account. Tried to access that last acct & they said it's locked. So, better
start calling around. "Yay....."

Watching the neighbor across the street try to straighten his little SUV out in his parking lot
It's a personal parking lot, let it sit where it is, Geesh! There slushy snow is too damn deep right now
for perfection...  What Ever...

Really did Way too much sleep "this morning" Really Disturbing kinds of dreams. Maybe the
Chantix, hard to say. Definitely too long & TOO HOT...  Messes with my whole mood...

Made Way too may beans last night. Going to be sending some with Michael tonight...

Going to drink my coffee & be a veg in front of the TV & try to snap out of "this..." for a bit.

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