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Day 6.........

Apr 23, 2010 - 0 comments

Day 6




cold turkey




opiate addiction

Wish i would have started this from day one. Guess I have to start somewhere. On day 6 clean.  Went cold turkey. Feelin crazy at times. My head won't shut off. It goes and goes and I have to find stuff to do.  Keep busy right? I am so lucky to have the support of my man and mom. Just came clean with mom bout the old habit. She wasen't so shocked. Guess I really have become a different person..... But now its about becoming a better person. Called about group therepy and counciling. Go on Monday to sign up. All the other times I tried to quit I never even thought about after care. I think all of the trolling I have been doin on the internet has helped me decide that I will do this without the aid of methodone or subs. Just do it the hard way. I'm through the physical wd but paws is gonna set in quick. Already had a bout of rls last nite. Not to bad but enough to let me know its there..... I'm going outside for a while as it is beautiful out there and for some reason the son makes me happy!!!!!!!

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