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The Ovulate Wait

Apr 23, 2010 - 1 comments










Since we decided not to wait to start trying for baby again we bought the Clear Blue Easy Digital Ovulation Detector. I did use this same one the last time we conceived. Anyways, I just assumed I would go back into my regular routine 25 day cycle. Wrong!!!! I almost gave up testing since getting a negative every morning is certainly not a great way to start the day. Then I read that someone else had the same thing where their cycle had changed completely due to m/c and that she kept trying and eventually got a positive. i decided not to give up and sure enough I got my positive this morning!!! Unfortunately my husband and I have had so much intercourse in the last week because I thought maybe I still was ovulating at my right time. I think we will try all weekend and then probably give it a rest for a little while. I think it is important to not take the fun out of our sex life and it is starting to feel that way. A couple more times this weekend and then we will put our faith in gods hands that he will do what is right for us. Its going to be hard getting through these next couple of weeks waiting to see if AF comes.

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by lil_lady25, Apr 24, 2010
I agree the two week wait will feel like an eternity as I am in the same boat! I have two baby showers to attend in the meantime so hopefully that will keep me busy. Either that or make me crazy :)  Have a good weekend and good luck!! Keep us updated when you start using HPT's.

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