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Jul 24, 2008 - 8 comments

When I first started having chronic vaginal bacterial infections I started researching. The doctors couldn't help me, all of the antibiotics were making me sick so I set out to find a cure on my own.  I did eventually find something to help myself.  
I tried Donna and Kevin's method for a short while except for their way of living.  I juiced and amazingly my IBS and ANY stomach problems totally went away.  Check out their site.  If you want to know more about juicing and how I cured my IBS just contact me, I will let you know the ingredients I used.  It was amazing.  It got to be too costly for me and I had to quit.  I really wish I could get started again.  
Kevin and Donna are no longer maintaining their site but there is still lots of useful information there.
For now here is the site

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by PlateletGal, Jul 24, 2008

Hey Melissa,

My husband & I have one of those Jack Lalanne juicers and we love it !

I'll check out the site. Thanks !

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by Melissa70817, Jul 24, 2008
That is exactly what I have.  I really never realized how much produce cost until I decided to go total veggie.  It is VERY expensive especially when you feed your kids one thing because they will not use your method and you are juicing and eating a total veggie diet.  I love my juicer when I can use it.  A friend has a wonderful recipe and it is great for IBS.

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by Toomanyadvil, Jul 25, 2008
I have always wondered about juicing. I have alot of intestinal symtoms they just dont know if it is IBS or endometriosis on my intestines, but I was thinking that maybe regardless using a total juicing diet will help.
I cant have alot of fruits because of my IC, but was still wondering of you could tell me what you used in yours. I've heard it usually involves more veggies than fruits.
If you could help me out that would be great.

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by Melissa70817, Jul 25, 2008
I just tried to email you but couldn't Toomanyadvil.  Here is what I did.
Cut out all soda's, coffee, etc.  Drink pure filtered water.  If you drink soda's a lot, this will give you a headache for about a week.  It will pass and you will feel better.  By the way, advil works wonders for the headache.
The Jack LaLane juicer at Walmart is what I have and I believe it is a hundred dollars online, the price may have gone down since I bought mine
I got a large air tight container.  It must be air tight.  You will have to pour all juice into this because you will be juicing different things.
I started with 2 bags of carrots pelled
2 cucumbers washed with antibacterial soap
2 apples...any kind....washed with antibacterial soap....I cut them into 4's so they would fit in the juicer.

Start out with this for about a week......I bought some mason jars and poured my mason jars....I would drink on in the morning on the way to work, on in the afternoon and one at have to drink it as soon as you open it because once it is open and non refridgerated the enzymes start to die.  

Before you pour into individual mason jars you want to get a tea strainer....or some sort of strainer with tiny holes to strain off the "froth"  

After about a week of getting this taste add a head of cabbage.  I'm going to tell you, don't drink this hot, it is disgusting hot or room temp...make sure it is ice cold straight out of the fridge. Add the cabbage juice to your mixture of carrots, apples and cucumber.  The cabbage has natural healing properties for the gut, I had NO stomach problems after about a week of drinking gas, no bloating, no pain, etc.  It was just too expensive for me to continue....its a lot of hard work to prepare also.  I peeled my carrots, you may not want to, you may want to just wash them.  Also, try and find organic when you can....After a while you will be coming up with your own mixtures but this one worked best for me as far as taste and going well with the cabbage juice.  

After 2 days the enzymes in the juice are no good so make just enough for 2 days.  let me know if you try it and how it works.

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by Melissa70817, Jul 25, 2008
oh, I did start throwing fresh spinach and other green leafy veggies in also....

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by PlateletGal, Jul 26, 2008

Hey Melissa,

I also wash my fruits & veggies ! I even posted a journal on it :

The juicing hasn't taken care of my digestion issues, but I think it helps. I think that juicing is healthy for you.

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by Melissa70817, Jul 27, 2008
Have you tried cabbage juice?  

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by Melissa70817, Jul 27, 2008
Links on Juicing....

I have tried the following cleanse when I quit smoking.  DO NOT drink a lot of this and drink LOTS of water.  The toxins coming out of your body will make you feel ILL.... You are going to feel much worse before you get better.

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