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Breast Lump and Lump Under Rt. Armpit

Dec 22, 2007 - 1 comments

I'm 28 years old and had recently had 2 cyst's in my right breast drained one was about 4 months ago and the other one was drained just 2 days ago. I had an ultra sound done for the second time and found that I had 7cyst in my right breast. Some big and some little. I was having alot of pain in my breast and in my right arm. The day before I meet with my doctor I discovered a lump under my right arm pit and it was very painful I would say it is the size of a pea. My regular doctor said that it was lymp nodes and it would go away. I seen a specialist who drained every cyst that I had ever had and he said that it was not my lymp nodes because the lump was on the surface and that they would monitor it and if it got bigger they would remove it. I was wondering if the lumps in my breast have anythintg to do with the lump under arm pit? Also the pain that I have been getting in my right is it because of that as well. I tried going back to work the next day after my doctor drained the cyst but I have been stll having pain in both my breast and my arm. Can anyone help me with what I should do and what is causing this?

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by twin623, Feb 28, 2011
I'm begginning to have the same problems.  I have small cysts in my right breast and a few close to my armpits.  I do have pain under the arms, the arm and the right breast.  Sometimes I don't feel any pain at all then some days I can feel the pain from the center of the right breast, the arm pit and sometimes my right arm hurts.  Sometimes the pain cause a slight swelling.  Did you find out anything new from your doctor regarding these cysts.

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