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26 weeks

Apr 25, 2010 - 0 comments

Well Friday was a bust day to say the least.....I had a meeting in the morning and then headed into the office for the rest of the day.  Around 2:30 I realized I hadn't felt Ashlynn moving around through out the day, so I called my Midwives office to ask if that was 'normal'.  They looked up my chart and saw that I was about 28 weeks (2 weeks ahead of what I thought, but the nurse at my last apt insisted that was correct)  So the nurse on the phone wanted me to come in and get checked out.  She said by 28 weeks you should be feeling consistent movement through out the day.  I left work right away to go over to the Midwives office, by this point I was crying- hoping nothing was wrong with my precious little girl.  I got the to office and they took me in right away and thankfully they found her heartbeat right away and everything seemed fine!  The nurse checked my dates and noted that the nurse at my last apt. did in fact mess up my dates and I was 26 weeks now, not 28.  She also said that the glucose test the day before may have made Ashlynn really active Thursday and more tired on Friday.  Good news is  she is completely fine, and I passed the glucose  screenings.  Bring on the Desserts!!!

To Ashlynn:  You gave Mommy quite the scare the other day, but I'm so happy you are doing great inside my tummy.  Mommy and Daddy have been doing lots of work around the house to get things ready for your arrival!  We love you so very much <3

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