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Fatigue, random pains, leg&arm numbness, lightheaded while laying down, and dizzy spells

Jan 25, 2016 - 0 comments



arm numbness


random pain



For a few months now, off and on would I get these random pains in my shoulder and down my arm. Recently my health dropped more to where now I get arm numbness out of no where along with my legs becoming numb. I get random head aches and dizzy spells and lightheaded spells at the same time, even while laying down. I want to tell my doctors but I know they wont do anything. I want to get my blood tested to make sure I don't have anything bad like cancer but I know my family will say its stupid and a waste of time because they'll think nothin like that could possibly be wrong with me. What do you think it is so I can save all the time doing blood tests.

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