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Jan 26, 2016 - 0 comments










This hospital Already killed my oldest.... If Michael dies because they convince him, "nothings wrong" and Hes fine... I want it to be said here, Mid Valley Hospital Will have been the Hospital that killed both of my children...

He went in with the same symptoms that they sent Justin home on, very few months later, he died....

Justins cause of death was his heart, it was hereditary, it killed him. This hospital told him, he had anxiety...
He Died!!!

I won't give them peace if they cause Michael to falsely believe he is okay, when he shows every sign of the same thing!!!

There will be nothing in the world that will let me be "nice" to the world, anything to do with his medical will regret their existence... If I loose Michael, my last son alive, to the same "genetic" heart condition, or anything that is close to what Justin died from, because of MID VALLEY Hospitals NEGLEGENCE,  that I lost my 1st Baby to at 26... There ere NO WORDS AT THE WRATH OF HELL I WILL BRING TO THEM!!!!!

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