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1/29/16, night

Jan 30, 2016 - 0 comments








i woke up three times, my heart racing and shivering. i could hear my heart pounding.
in one dream i was trying to turn off the phone and i could hear my mom yelling at my dad, something about how we're both fakers or thieves or something.
in another t was dumping me which should have been fine. (i'm so confused about how i feel about this. do i love him? in a way. do i hate him? in  a way. do i want to do this anymore? not really. but i got upset at that so idk. idk if this is bdp. i dont know who i like. idkidkidk.
anyway, i woke up happier because i dreamt i was at the barricade of a top show and ltp opened. but i still feel grumpy and apathetic and avoidant and annoyed. leave me alone.

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