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Feb 01, 2016 - 0 comments

nothing feels better than seeing an article on finding how abusive and narcissistic your partner is and finding out why all your relationships went to ****. but that doesnt matter. im not narcissistic.
today was bad and i woke up just super anxious and really insecure in social situations. not insecure with how i look or feel, but mostly just what i was saying. my grandma loves to talk over me and her and my mom are constantly ignoring me, it just makes me feel like they dont deserve me. i deserve their attention.
i just did a lot of thinking today and i wish i had people around me. i feel so empty and abandoned having lost my friends. i cant function without the extra attention from everyone. all i have is my family. i dont even need to like them, i just need people to make me feel valued. im nothing on my own.

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