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Had another ultrasound today,both external and internal. The ultrasound tech said he thinks the mass is actually inside my left ovary, it is still complex and has grown almost a cm bigger than 4 weeks ago. It is also an irregular shape. I also have a cyst on the right ovary that may be just a functional corpus luteum, it was not there on the last ultrasound. My stomach is again very swollen and hard today and I am urinating every 5 minutes, the pressure is very painful. I am walking like a duck! LOL It is very much like being 9 months pregnant and just waiting for the baby to come out because you are just over it! I got the scans to take to the Gyno next weeks, so it's interesting to be able to look at them. Only 7 sleeps until my Gyno appointment, let's hope it goes quick! My pain gets worse everyday, but I thin the worst thing is not knowing what's going on. I think once I have seen the Gyno and know what the course of action is, I will feel a bit better. Mentally anyway :)

My doctor rang me this afternoon as he had just received my ultrasound scans from today and wanted to check that I had my Gyno appointment soon. He also wanted to see how I was pain wise and if I needed anything for it, God bless him!. The ultrasound tech said he thought the cyst on the left maybe inside the ovary but the doctor thinks it maybe on top of the ovary. The doctor also said he is pretty certain it is an Endometrioma. The cyst on the right ovary that was found today is a corpus luteum and he thinks that it may just resolve itself, as it was not there 4 weeks ago. The first cyst I had on my left ovary was a corpus luteum and I had to have it removed as it didn't go away on it's own. As this one had only just shown up, is only small and I have about a week unitl my period is due, we will just have to wait and see.

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by ska4life1986, Apr 27, 2010
oh i am sorry to hear you are in pain i could identify with the pressure and the swollen tummy i never had a baby but if its worse then cysts i think i will give it a miss lol you must have a very caring doc i am after asking mine 3 times all he says he have no report back i am after waiting 5 weeks for results with gyno after and finally tommorow is d day , i want to know but i am still full of fear of the unknown i hope you will start to feel better soon take care for now .

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by Gibby56, Apr 27, 2010
Thats how i'm feeling it just hurts so bad..

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by BrandiKBubble, May 17, 2010
I recently had both external and internal ultrasounds as well and found out that I too have an endometrioma, it's the size of a grapefruit. Scares me pretty bad to know there's something inside there that's not supposed to be. About the pain, I can relate. I've been in severe pain for the past two months. It's causing me mental stress, due to lack of sleep I'm guessing. I'm sorry that you have to feel this way as well. I thought I was the only one who knew how I felt. Guess I'm not alone.

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