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the silver bullet

Dec 22, 2007 - 1 comments








For parents of children with a recent diagnosis, the most important advice I have is to not feel sorry for your child or spend too much time chasing after a cure.    There is none.  My daughter with PDD once told me if she was cured, she wouldn't be herself; she'd be someone different!  Don't take away your child's self-hood!  

OK, you didn't get the child you expected to have, but why not get to know the child you do have.  

Second thing:  If your child is non-verbal, this does not mean your child can't communicate.  Just learn the language.  If you had a child with a hearing loss, you'd learn sign language, right?  I know, it's hard, but once you do, the rewards abound.  

Third, be an advocate (a fighter).  This neurotypical world is full of prejudice.  You need to help your child navigate it.

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by canaraz3, Jan 29, 2008
Amen to that! Children do percieve soooo much. My daughter may not be able to read and write, but she sees more than I dreamed possible. She is an offical bird watcher now, and has quite the keen eye. This has become a real hobby. If she doesn't know what a bird is, we look in the bird book and I help her read and pronoune it. I used it in the beginning as a learning tool for learning to read. Now she wants to get a camera to take pictures of all that she sees. I think this is her way of telling us all her story. She is fascinated with Helen Keller. Who learned to communicate, as a child, while deaf, blind and dumb. My daughter relates to her in a way I will never understand, and she really doesn't even know why. She tells me she knows how Keller felt, but when asked to describe those feelings, she was unable to understand how she was feeling. I believe she was relating to the feelings of frustration, hurt, fear, and anger, that Keller displayed because she couldn't communicate and she had a disability.
I got to know my daughter really well last year while I home schooled her. She has taught me so much about natural things, interaction, and the way children percieve beauty. All children are pure and it is wonderful to get to know them, tap into this purity, and look at the world through innocent eyes. It really gives an adult, if they take the time, a respect and appreciation for the world around them on a much grander scale than we as adults can comprehend, yet in such a simple way.

Thank you for you post, it warms my heart.

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