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What will today bring?

Apr 27, 2010 - 1 comments

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cold turkey

Today I will continue on my journey to freedom.  I feel bad, but I am determined to be free.  I felt so bad last evening that I took 50 mg about 5:30, but I still reduced my dose by 62mg from the day before.  Today, my plan is to hold off as long as I can- until I feel absolutely horrible, then take a 25, to keep my dose today at 75mg all day.  I was going to go cold turkey, but just could not take it last night.  My grandkids came over to release a small snapping turtle, and I just gave in.  I stayed home from work today so I can just deal with this.  I went in yesterday and could not function.  With the Nyquil, I did sleep last night- so thats good.  God is with me today and making me strong to get me out of the grips of this devil pill.

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by bethwillprevail, Apr 27, 2010
Took 50 mg abouot 12 pm.  I will try to make that all I take today, but we will see.  I am just going to hold this to the least amount I can tolerate to take.  I have to go to work tomorrow.  Hopefully I will be about to work.  I already feel my mind becoming clearer- it's really weird.  I will be so happy to be completely free- hopefully by friday.

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