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Can't sleep

Feb 01, 2016 - 0 comments

can't sleep



It is after 3 am.  I've been laying in bed and I can't get my brain to turn off.  I've been feeling achy today but for some reason I've also felt hyper.  I usually feel like I don't have the energy to even move let alone get out of bed so this is odd.  I've been taking the gabapentin and recently increased to 200 mg.  I'm a huge light weight so I really have to start low.... like crazy low..... like blow the pharmacists mind low.  I just started that drug this month, I can't remember the day but early Jan.  They gave me 100 mg capsules so I could take start out taking 1 and build up as needed.  I knew after taking the first one that it was going to help my pain.  I have the worst pain in my left shoulder and it was really killing me when I took it.  I little while later I realized it was feeling warm where the pain was and I felt the pain slowly fade out.  It only lasted about half an hour and then I felt it slowly start to return.  I had hope though.  

It did help the pain more the second day but after the third day I could't get out of bed all day.  I would wake up feeling like I didn't know where I was or which way I was laying in the bed.  Was it day or night?  I felt like I'd been put under anesthesia for surgery and couldn't pull out of it.  I had to crawl to the bathroom.  After I finally woke up good and could think I called and talked to the pharmacist to see if there was lower dose or a pill I could cut or something.  Nope.  So I ended up taking the capsules apart and taking half-ish of the powder inside (which really didn't taste too horrible mixed in a beverage).  After a few weeks on that amount I decided to increase to 1 and I handled it better and was waking up after 12 hours.  It decreased to 10 and the 9.  I just started taking 2 so I expected to sleep all day but I woke up earlier than I expected and not can't get to sleep.  

Maybe it isn't the drug.  Maybe it is something else.... I don't know what but I guess I'll try to get to sleep again and see how I do tomorrow.  


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