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Feb 03, 2016 - 2 comments

Ok here's the update... My first Dr appt was Jan 25,like I said he didn't do much,just sent me for blood work. I was told to come back Feb 1 for results and I did go back,nothing was done but I just got results and I told them I didn't feel pregnant and according to them I would be almost 8 weeks and I have nothing but sore breast...well they took my hcg level and want me to come back for Feb 25 and I will be 10 weeks then...hopefully i will get more then results? I want to know if my baby is ok and so much more....I am worried and stuff!!

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by Belle313, Feb 03, 2016
Hopefully you can have an ultrasound on your next visit to alleviate some of your worries. I know how difficult it is to wait and see, especially after a miscarriage. Keeping you in my prayers that this pregnancy goes smoothly for you.

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by Hollus, Feb 03, 2016
Congratulations!! Hopefully you will get to see your little bean soon!!

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