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Subutex during pregnancy

Feb 04, 2016 - 0 comments

Subutex Withdrawal Cessation




during pregnancy

I've been SEARCHING for a post somewhere ANYWHERE from a MOTHER whoes baby, born on subutex, DID HAVE WD! I've found LOTS of ppl who swear their babies had no signs of wd. But MY baby DID WITHDRAWL from SUBUTEX! It is the most horrible thing I've had to encounter in life! My daughter SUFFERED for MONTHS! It started when she was 3 days old and I was incredibly surprised! EVERYTHING I researched led me to believe that I had nothing to worry about as far as wd I was worried about other stuff, but not that! Like I said this is the FIRST post I've found after INTENSE RESEARCHING online. My daughter is now 3 3/4 YEARS OLD. So I can tell you all that this HELL can last up to 7-8 months!!! It came on quick. All the sudden on her 3rd day of life she started crying, and it was like she NEVER QUIT CRYING FOR 8 MONTHS! It was a NIGHTMARE! Knowing I was the cause of all this, & all bcuz I didn't want to go threw wd means my newborn baby got to START HER LIFE IN MISERY. And I KNOWZ it was wd bcuz she had all the symptoms. She would hold her body tense ALL THE TIME. Never was my baby ever able to just lay down relaxed and calm. For months she was tensed up with her fists balled and her arms and legs pulled in close to her body as if she were constantly flexing her muscles at full force, as hard as she could. Like I said she cried ALL THE TIME. ALL THE TIME, FOR MONTHS AND MONTHS. She would have a hard time eating and just recently I read there's a symptom where babies can't suck swallow and breathe at the same time. This is an opioid/painkiller we symptom but wtf is subutex? Almost the same thing. But anyhow, that described what my daughter went thru. Whenever I would feed her she would kinda like choke on it and she would push the nipple out of her mouth but yet scream in hunger at the same time. I knew she needed to eat but didn't know why she was spitting it out. But now I know,that was just another symptom of the wd. She would sneeze, like a whole bunch of times in a row, several times a day. Like 5-9 times in a row every time she would sneeze. Also another symptom. But this only last for the first month or two, I can't remember for sure. It was such a tough stressful time that I had so much to worry about that I didn't noticd when it stopped. All I know are the symptoms that continued. I would see other babies that would be just chillin in their seat, laying down or laying on their parents but in a loose & relaxed position, calm & appearing content. My baby NEVER, NEVER, did that. And it ate me up alive. I KNEW something was very wrong with her, but no one would listen to my concerns! Every one in my family would just say supportive things like "she's ok, u just have to have patience" or "there's nothing wrong with her, she's perfect!" Ughh, but I KNEW better. Yet it discouraged me some from seeking out better help. I was up front with EVERY one of my dr.s! My OB, the dr.s & nurses at the hospital at birth, and with her neonatal petiatricion! And NOBODY DID ANYTHING TO HELP!!! The hospital kept her for 6 days, & did do the NSA testing on her. They even had several differs t dr.s that did the examinations and tests on her. I met with them & talked to them, telling them my concerns and them telling me THEIR concerns. Yet they didn't medicate. They never even considered medicating! Honestly, it was like this was one of their very first times dealing withit. Maybe their very first time dealing with baby having SUBUTEX wd bcuz they seemed stumped and baffled. Which baffles ME bcuz in this area, opioid addiction to pills, heroin and then suboxone is a rampid epidemic!!! So anyhow, we went to her neonatal/pediatrician immediately after getting out of the hospital. I explained everything to her. She seemed unconcerned about it. She diagnosed her as healthy and assumed she was colicky. After almost two weeks of watching my newborn settle into life as a tortured soul, she broke out in hives all over her body. I took it up in myself to switch her formula to a nonlactose kind (I tried n tried n tried EVERY DAY for 10 weeks to breastfeed and my body just wasn't capable of producing more than about two tablespoons a day. But I did feed that to her, not that it helped any-at all). Anyhow we went to the Dr the next business day & Dr agreed with MY diagnosis and said "Ok yeah get her off lactose". And I felt like that helped. Like she would cry for 3 hours and 45 mins instead of 4 hours straight. But no more rash. I was grasping at straws doing everything I could to help her. After two months of going through this, non-stop crying and tense body, her Dr finally decided she had acid reflux. I was unsure, She spit up LESS than the average baby. I thought acid reflux had a baby spitting up like an abnormally high rate. But I gave her the medicine every day. And I convinced myself that it was helping, some... but it really didn't do anything that could be noticed... I feel like once she was about 8 months old she finally wasn't crying ALL the time. She was no longer being tense which must've happened sometime around the age that she was able to sit up. She was very like hyper active I think. She was grabbing for stuff since she was like 4 months old. I didn't know that was early but I've heard ppl ask if an 8 month old baby reaches & grabs for stuff yet, and it seems like my daughter been grabbing since the start. But right away I noticed she was a very temperamental child, & that never went away. But it was so noticeable that I was concerned something was terribly wrong. I have never seen a baby that was purposely naughty and mean the way she was at SUCH an early age. I theorized that she developed this temperament from being miserable, in pain & constantly suffering for the first several months of her life. From very early on I could tell she was very defiant. She would purposely do things that were naughty & mean just to get a reaction from me! To this day, at 3 almost 4 years old, I believe she has ODD (oppositional defiant disorder), but given the right technique I am able to get thru to her. But I do dread when she is out of my grasp with other ppl. She is very rude and kind of mean spirited. This may have NOTHING to do with the subutex or the wd BUT maybe it is. I'm sorry I've went on & on & on, I just wanted to tell MY story. That way another mom can have information on the worst scenario. ALL the into I got during pregnancy said there are little to no side effects or wd and very few babies have wd at all. They said it's mostly babies that were born at a low birth weight that had the wd, mild as they were (ha!!!) My daughter was 9lbs 12oz. And I was only taking 2-4mg per day for about two months before she was born. I've done extensive research since experiencing this. There are tons of posts of women who say their babies had NO wd. I guess us mothers who feel guilty don't feel like posting all about it. It's incredibly embarrassing & shameful. I didn't tell hardly anyone to this day. But the only info I've found about it having wd were from either medical articles/papers and from a nursing forum. It took a bit of digging to find. But the TRUTH is that these experts say that 85% of babies born on subutex experience wd. AND MOST of the women whoes babies experienced wd were totally surprised about it! WE DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN! Their is so much misinformation on this! Ppl are not being properly informed or educated. I swear that if ever I'm pregnant again, I will let nature take its course rather than take the subs. I would rather risk a miscarrage, especially in the first trimester, than put another newborn baby through that kind of hell. To be BORN INTO MISERY,TO KNOW NOTHING BUT THE MISERY & PAIN. That is something I could NEVER EVER do-AGAIN. I have to live with myself. I sacrificed my own wd by giving it to my newborn daughter to suffer instead! I could never do that on purpose. But seriously, being BORN ADDICTED seems like a terrible set up for a life long struggle with addiction. They say once an addict always an addict. These babies try JUST ONE dose of a drug and their gunna get that uphoric feeling that [email protected] ir brain remembers even they don't. Addiction alters the brain. It gives the muscle memory a fold that stays there for life. I can't believe I did this to my baby. Just so I wouldnt have wd. I traded mine for hers. She suffered instead of me. At the beginning of her life. I can't forgive myself. But in my defense, at the time, I truly believed that I was making the rihht decision. The dr.s recommended that it was safer to take it. But I've went on too long. Thank you for reading my thoughts on the subject. Good luck to every one.

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