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a good friend of mine died in iraq

Apr 28, 2010 - 4 comments

please pray for an old friend of mine's family. he was killed in a roadside bomb sometime within the past few days fighting in afghanistan.

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1035252 tn?1427231433
by Ashelen, Apr 28, 2010
I'm so sorry sweetie...I lost 2 friends over the last 10 years between the two wars and there's no way for it to get easier. Big hugs and I'll pray for his family and for you to heal <3.

1121273 tn?1325371575
by k10road, Apr 28, 2010
I'm so sorry.  God, how I wish this would end!

796506 tn?1370191905
by nickieb85, Apr 28, 2010
I am sorry. I hear obama is supposed to be pulling everyone out in October or so... I hope that is family is doing well.

784382 tn?1376934640
by turkee23, Apr 28, 2010
my prayers are with him , his family and you.... soliders are our angels that walk the earth with us... they give up their life for us and it is truly sad when they dont return home to theri family, but he is in god's hands now.... i will say many prayers tonight

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