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couldnt stay away

Apr 28, 2010 - 2 comments




so i've been having cramps like AF is on her way. However, they started a few days ago and thats not normal. My temp has been at 99.0 - 99.5 when my temp is normally 98. I've been alittle tired but today I've been really exhausted. I cooked lunch and washed clothes and felt like I work an 13hour shift. I also have been having a milky thin discharge and It is still cleary visible. Can you have this a day before AF? or is this a sign of pregnancy. I also had alittle vomiting spell last night and have been alittle gassy. I pray I get my BFP but I dont want to get my hopes up cause AF can come tomorrow. I will test this weekend if AF doesnt show her ugly head. The anticipation is killing me.

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1041303 tn?1421387341
by frank_noahsmommy, Apr 28, 2010
wow we r so in the same boat!!!! I am also going to wait till this weekend!!!!!!! Good luck and I hope u get ur BFP!!!! Michelle

1283772 tn?1285029104
by mami2bonita, Apr 28, 2010
Good Luck to you too Michelle!!!

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