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Do you have this???

Apr 29, 2010 - 0 comments



left chest pain



Wow, I have been making myself crazy because all I can think about is this stupid pain. Well its not stupid it is scary. It is located to the top of my left breast and it is a sharp to dull pain that comes and goes. I have been diagnosed with  Costochondritis and I am not sure what all that entails so I was looking for some support here. I got a steroid shot on Tuesday and a prescription of Previcid. What is weird is the pain does not seem to bother me when I am relaxed. But sense I worry about it all the time I have wine to relax and it helps. Is this weird or what? The more I worry over this the more it seems to act up. I went to massage therapy on Tuesday also and I felt amazing until yesterday evening! I think that the massage relaxed me and eased my mind and that is why the pain subsided for a while. Does anyone else on here feel this way?? Please respond asap..Thank you for your time!!

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