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Jul 26, 2008 - 7 comments





Abdominal bloating


gas pain

Laxative has effect what so ever,what does it mean?

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by brettswife, Aug 11, 2008
Are you saying you don't have any relief after taking lax?  maybe you need to increase your dosage...I, for instance have to take 3 laxatives for them to take effect.  Also I take it on an empty stomach so I can be guaranteed to be "pooping" within a couple of hours.  

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by oldzchool, Aug 12, 2008
No relief whatsoever,i take the maximun dosage recommended as well.

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by brettswife, Aug 23, 2008
have you gone to a rectal or colon dr?  Obviously you need to have some type of testing done!

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by oldzchool, Aug 23, 2008
I have an appointment scheduled later this month.

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by bpais, Mar 14, 2010
I have similar problems.  My doctor has recommended 2 Tbls of Milk of Magneisa every other day, which I have been doing for the last 6 months.  Works well, although it is beginning to last a shorter and shorter period of time.  At first I could go for three or four days between doses; now I am back to every other day.  I take Ranexa (a drug for angina) and I think this MAY be the cause.  My Doctor doesn't know what causes, though he said that he knows of many patients affected by drugs that way.  Any ideas would be helpful.

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by ivgirl, Oct 17, 2010
Do you use any narcotic meds?They can cause a condition called narcotic bowel    if that happens you will have a really hard time until the narcotics are stopped. My stomach is still bad.There is a product called lax a day it adds ware to the bowel.  Hope this helps.

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by nutpea, Oct 17, 2010
activia yogurt works to keep you regular,  I use mineral oil and milkamag on all my farm critters, for bloating and constipation. It works wonders.

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