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My latest MRI and follow up.....Monday 26th April 2010

Apr 29, 2010 - 2 comments



april 2010





Well my anticipated visit has been rather extended as I am still here until Sunday!  Saw the neurologist who did an a very thorough examination and then promptly sent me off for the MRI.

Everything went fine until the radiologist said I was to go to straight back up with the results instead of just calling later in the day.  My heart started pounding thinking OMG what have they seen.......this is it, this is the end! Well of course it wasn't nearly as bad.

The 3 lesions that were are now 8 lesions, the increased signal in the brain stem has increased - still have no idea what this means! *Note to self to ask today* Based on this the neurologist was leaning towards ADEM as he said the lesions weren't where you would expect them in MS.

They are left frontal and left parietal white matter and right parietal matter. Left posterior parietal white matter and right basal ganglia.  Multiple coalescing high intensities are noted in the pons bilaterally which are more intense and  prominent than in previous scan.

So plan of action blood tests, LP and based on the results 5 days of IV solumedrol. Bloods all came back normal.  CSF showed low chloride, low immunoglobulin, negative for bands and everything else was normal.  So about to have dose 3 of the solumedrol - terrible hot flushes( I like to call them power surges so ppl be warned LOL) am puffed up pink and fed up!

I am going to sit him down this am and ask him what his line of thought is.  This is the second time with unilateral ON which from research doesn't fit in the ADEM but then the lesions are not in the right who knows! Nothing is ever clear cut and I am not the most normal person either LOL!

I will follow this up later today hopefully when I know which direction we are going!

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560501 tn?1383616340
by tonyad, Apr 30, 2010

  Hi there, Yes, I would get pen and paper and write down a list of questions so you don't
forget...then leave a space so you can jot down his answers for I always forget what they say ..Lol

    Please let us know what he says. Good Luck to you.
i have you in thought,


1290512 tn?1272061331
by Ma_of_3, Apr 30, 2010
Hmmmm....asked all the questions and still don't seem much clearer.  The only clear cut thing he said was that it is NOT vascular and definitely demylination but unable to say what condition as of yet.  So I suppose we are a little further forward.  Need to come back in a month once cortisone has done its thing and see how things are then.  Blood glucose high which is too be expected on the solumedrol but it is staying high in between so will have some Glucose tolerance tests too when I come back to rule out a possible predisposition......oh hum what fun lol.......

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