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no AF?

Apr 30, 2010 - 0 comments

Okay! I am 1 day late and I am never late. I swear AF was on her way yesterday. I had my regular menstrual cramps and so I went to prepare myself and guess what? NOTHING. I am getting excited but yet I'm trying to calm down because I dont want to get my hopes up. The only difference is that my BBT is 98.5 way down from 99.5 earlier this week. It keeps going up and down. Has anyone been through this? Also, I have had a lost of appetite but when I do eat I eat alot. I still have the cervical mucous and feel nauseas if I get up tooooo fast. My bbs are still sore on the tips and my cramps have gone completely away. I am going to get another test this afternoon and take it first thing in the morning. I havent told the DH but I think he knows something is up with me. If I am in fact expecting then it states that my due date will be Jan 7, 2011, which is my grandmothers birthday. That would be a nice birthday present for her.  

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