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Tough road ahead..

Jul 26, 2008 - 3 comments

Well on Tuesday I will be starting school as a senior. I will have to wake up extra early get ready and then get Ayla ready for daycare. Then after school take the bus to get Ayla then take the bus home. Whew! And at my school you can graduate with a job. And Im in the medical academy so I get to take CNA courses this year so I'll also have to ride the bus there some days. But Hey I can do it! It's going to be tough since I have to do a senior project and presentation. But I know that graduatuing is way better than not no matter how hard it is. It's only one school year that will make mine and Ayla's life SO much better in the future! Babys Dad is officially out of the picture. But its okay. It didnt make a difference if he was here or not. But his family is really involved with Ayla.. we take her every Sunday to see them or they come and get her. That's all I can ask for! Wish me luck!

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by surprisebaby, Jul 26, 2008 sounds like a tough one...but I know you can do it!!!    It will be sooooo worth it in the end!  Get that education, it's your ticket to complete happiness!!!!  Best of luck to you!!!!  

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by krushing, Jul 26, 2008
It's a tough road ahead without being a mommy.  But, you are a woman and you are the strongest of the strong!  Hang in there, because like surprisebaby said, you and Ayla will be rewarded in the end.  Don't give up!  I truly believe God doesn't give you more than you can handle, HE makes you see just how strong you are.  Good luck to you and Ayla!

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by redneckgurl, Aug 05, 2008
i had a baby in the midddle of my senior year of school i am not goin to lie it was hard but you can do it i did it the dad might  not be in pic but   sounds like you have a big family and it sounds like they love you and they are there for you if you need to talk just send message

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