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2 weeks to go and dumbest arguement ever?

Jul 27, 2008 - 3 comments

Dang. Every now and then the ol' riba raging (mostly irritables in my case) rears it's ugly head...I think I just had the all time dumbest argument over "who's hair is it?" with my husband...He's balding and in denial...I'm losing hair faster than I'd like to admit, and I always get stuck with cleaning the gross hair hangers out of the shower drain. I said it was his hair too, and he should do it once in a while...he denied any of it was his and got mad about it....LOL...As I said, it's at least a runner-up for a dumbest argument award...:) sigh...Am I done yet? Am I done yet? 2 weeks of txing to go....~Melinda

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by virgocharm, Jul 28, 2008
lol melind put a band aid on (hugz watch how fast it comes back. lol

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by medicmommy, Jul 28, 2008
Yah. TTTHHHBBBTTT to the hubby! At least mine WILL come back! HA! LOL          ~M

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by ParamedFlorena, Aug 02, 2008
You know.... There are times we've just got to accept that ghosts do exist. We have two bathrooms. My daughter won't use one of them because it usually has spiders sneaking in. I feel more comfortable in the other too. Anyway, my husband seems to be the only one to use it, but he claims he's never guilty of the stains on the floor. That means we have ghosts, because it is only a man who can pee like that - if of course I don't walk in my sleep, trying to hit the toilet from the door....

The sleepwalking ghost

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