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Monitor wrong???

May 03, 2010 - 2 comments




My Ovacue says that I was supposed to ovulate on 2 May. I'm absolutely CERTAIN that I did on Tuesday, 27 April. None of my OPKs were positive for the period of time that my Ovacue suggested, plus I had O pains and a very high sex drive on Tuesday, along with very wet CM. I don't know what to do. Should I go by the monitor, or go by what my body tells me??? So confused.

Hoping for a Baby Girl!
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by xx_Louise_xx, May 04, 2010
Hey, sorry your so confused, i would be exactly the same, if u BD when u thought u ovulated, then i would personally BD today and tomorrow, just incase!! :)

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by Girlplz, May 04, 2010
Thanks! It's so hard, though...I'm trying to "sway" for a girl, so timing is very important. I'm glad I haven't begun yet. I'm going to track 3-4 cycles before we actually start TTC.

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