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Jul 27, 2008 - 0 comments

Well I am 25 weeks pregnant and everyone keeps asking me how I have been feeling....I guess I cant say its anoying but I havent had any reason to say I feel crappy or anything! I am not on Dicletin anymore which is great. I sometimes feel uncomfortable when I sit or lay a certain way but that is because of my breathing but it never last that long just anoying.
The baby goes crazy in my tummy. I can feel her way above my belly button now and it is amazing. Dylan was able to feel some strong movement last night it made me so happy.
I just made a apointment to get a 3D ultrasoun done! Some time in the middle of August, I cant wait for that. I am going to be able to see my baby move around on the DVD I want to get as well.
We just moved a week and a half ago to a bigger apartment and its great. I got a crib and a changing table in there now, but because we didnt have alot of stuff being in the bachalor before the bedroom still looks really empty. We are getting a toddler bed for Emma. Shes going to be staying here for 2 weeks a month now since we have the privacy and other room to sleep in while we are still awake. Im so happy about that too. Dylan will be able to start seeing her more often and maybe her mom will realise shes better off staying with us. (Just cause she has no work experience and had herself another kid) at lest Dylan is going to be able to work and one the baby is a year old I am going to go back to work and I am starting to finish school too. Plus I am getting E.I in right now and getting maternity. So its not like I am completley relying on welfare or my boyfriend.
I have so many clothes and got some extra new born diaper this lady doesnt need anymore. Probably in a few weeks I wanna start getting this together which what I want to bring to the hospital, Im just so excited.
I want to get the belly casting done as well around the end of my 8 months or begining of 9.

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