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the agony and ecstasy

May 05, 2010 - 8 comments

i wonder how normal people go through their days w/o taking pills???

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by turkee23, May 05, 2010

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by flmagi, May 05, 2010
I doubt there are many people that never take a pill of any kind. There are more pain pill addicts than you realize, although a lot of them would say they aren't addicted. We are an RX generation, from Advil, Tums and vitimins to pain pills. We take pills for everything.

1303537 tn?1317800741
by wishful1, May 10, 2010
i wonder that same thing...i get so jealous

1310716 tn?1287782504
by james22778, May 13, 2010
do you remember when you did get through a day without them i do and i want to get their so bad now it used to be just a normal day now its like can i make it to lunch without any and dinner and so on the only way we can is day by day ya know good luck

363110 tn?1340920419
by martikadragoon, May 24, 2010
I'm going on 9 days or so without ANY pain meds other than tylenol and aleve, and honestly, I just enjoy my day. I enjoy my kids and tv and all the stuff I used to. Sure I NEED pain meds on occasion due to my back but I'm doing well so far.

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by AnnieBrooke, May 24, 2010
Some people use other things.  There are compulsive gamblers, compulsive shoppers, compulsive eaters ...

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by addicted32, May 28, 2010
I wonder the same thing.  How do people not take a pill to get through there day?  I look at people all the time I wonder if they pop pills like I do.

1238606 tn?1304201621
by kajama, May 29, 2010
I remember those days with no meds, I was so much happier, I think we get a false sense of happiness and security with the pills.  I never want to go back again.

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