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May 05, 2010 - 1 comments









please. :(

I read about more people my age; boys I guess I should be like; things I guess I should be doing.

The need to conform is really tearing at my insides right now. Unfortunately I am far too much of an oddity to fit in.

My logical mind tells me I don't want to, but my emotional mind rebels.

I want to kill myself, or get life good.

Please somebody help my life to be good. :'(

Want to be dead.

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by SOURKREME, May 22, 2010
Let's see killing yourself will solve your problem, the problem of not being able to cope. Do you know what happends to the people you leave behind when such a selfish act ? It tears them up, making them think that they caused it. They go into depression because of your actions. Some for a short time and other's for the rest of their lives. Suicide is a mortal sin that does not get wiped off the slate when you try to enter heaven. It's like you don't get into that bunch either. Do you think all kids can play football ? Can small guys play basketball ? Can a dummy play chess ? Everyone can fit into some type of friends. Maybe a super model doesn't knock on your door, but maybe somebody that is beautiful on the inside does. Inner beauty is worth so much more than outer beauty. Find something you are interested in. Volunter at a hospital or a museum and meet all kinds of people. If you want a life then go make one or sit back and never have one.You would be surprised at how much your life changes over the years. It changes so much. I WAS IN A SITUATION 15 YEARS AGO WHERE i FOUND MYSELF IN THE SAME THOUGHTS. mY BROTHER ALWAYS HAS LOADED PISTOLS LAYING IN A ROOM AT MY MOMS HOUSE WHEN HE STAYED THERE. i PICKED UP TWO POINTED THEM AT MY CHEST AND ASKED MY SISTER 6 BFEET AWAY DO YOU THINK THEY ARE LOADED AND PULLED BOTH TRIGGERS. hE JUST HAPPENDED TO TAKE THE BULLETS OUT THE NIGHT BEFORE. i AM GLAD HE DID, BECAUSE MY LIFE HAS CHANGED SO MUCH TO THE BETTER SINCE THEN. PEACE AND I HOPE YOU MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION, LIFE IS SHORT ENOUGH AS IT IS, YOU DON'T NEED TO MAKE IT EVEN SHORTER, THE OLDER YOU GET THE FASTER IT GOES. aSK PEOPLE OF ALL AGES IF LIFE GOES FASTER AT DIFFERENT AGES. IT SEEMS TO ME THAT IT'S LIKE 1999 AND WE ARE WAITING FOR THE NEW CENTURY, IT HAS GONE THAT FAST.

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