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first app with the MW today!!!

May 06, 2010 - 0 comments

Mid Wife





ok so ive got my first appointment with the midwife this afternoon and ive already got butterflies!
ive read up a bit on what to expect at the first app and ive brought a HPT with me to work as my DH is picking me up and we're going straight tot he docs form here, i wasnt sure if i was meant to do a test for her so i thought id bring one just incase but last time i had to do a sample at the doctors i could go because i felt under pressure :) typical
i dont have scales at home so last time i was weighed was at the doctors 2months ago and i was 9stone 5lb.
im still going to bed by 9pm and i always seem to get really tired straight after lunch for some reason even though im not eating a big lunch and i make sure i go out for a little walk to get fresh air as i keep getting dizzy but it doesnt seem to help that much. im thinking of getting a pregnancy book as my mother/mother-in-law arnt being very supportive and telling me what to expect and all the womenly things they should be telling me about. i saw the cutist baby grow yesterday but i know its far too soon to be buying anything for bump as im only 6 weeks. i needed to get new clothes for work and i thought i may as well get maternity stuff so that i dont have to buy everything again when i get bigger, although i know that if i misscarry i probally will find it too hard to carry on wearing the maternity outfits

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