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Am I dying?

May 05, 2010 - 0 comments

Posttramatic stress



I have a sincere bruise on the lower right of my stomach.  It's got a hard lump and a deep purple hue, plus the surface has a velour texture.  I have edema on my left foot and ankle.  Bruising around my stitches has gone down.  The deep purple bruising at the base of my spine still looks serious. Jennifer from Dr. Nadaud's office said she'd give a heads up to the PT department at SMRHC North.  I'll contact them after my appt with Dr. Roy, to schedule my first OP PT session.  This has been like pulling teeth, trying to get an appointment with Nadaud's team following my total left hip replacement on 4/26.  Without the assistance from Tonya at UHC, I wouldn't have gotten this far with being genuinely concerned by Jennifer  regarding my deterioration following my fall at the hospital.  This has made me want to die, just to prove the point of their lack of care and empathy for post-op issues.

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