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It worked for me !

May 06, 2010 - 3 comments

well , im done  . 48 weeks of  INF.  hard on the body , but harder on the mind .   i started out possitive & upbeat , but found that face hard to wear ,  around week 28 .   everything i learned about controlling my sides , to what this virus did to me , where it came from , how long its been around , came from members helping me .     my GP nurse was nice  ,  but useless .    i got up & away from the site around 3/4 through .   the , relapse threads ,  tore at my heart and most of all my nerves .  people were bickering .   freinds that i got close to , chose to go offline for what ever reason . never to return . that was frustrating .  so i ended my treatment wrapped up in my guitar playing , and wrapped up in a blanket .   praying for the last shot to come .  out of breath & out of fight .   my family didnt know the miserable person i had become .   now 3 months post , a day does not go bye , that my wife wont say ...  man im glad you are getting back to normal . . i knew i should 've gotten on some  ADs   . post tx was tough .  dropped into a deep deppression  , & ended up on celexa . go figure .           today is anastasias ninth birthday .  we have been like a father and daughter ,  that have been seperated by a million miles of ocean .  laughing and giggling every day .  me & jacqueline have got back to sleeping in the same bed again .   to anyone that is considering this treatment :  it can be done . like me ,  you must stay 100 % complient with the meds .  i always took my riba with avacado & peanut butter . eat well . 20 % veggie & fruit .  but that was my way . walk every day . drink tons of water .  and take notes when you are on line & on treatment .    thank you people . you know who you  are !    (((((((hugs)))))))                         robert

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by aheart, May 07, 2010
robert, hiya! I got your invitation to be friends which is fine. But I didn't get your message because someone erased it as spam! Also then I tried sending you a note and it said this user isn't getting notes at this time. So I don't know whats going on but I'd look into it if I were you. You want to make sure you are getting all your mail. It's sounds like your are really happy and why shouldn't you be huh? I'm very happy to hear happy news from anyone on MH, we can talk again soon. Bye

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by Trinity4, May 07, 2010
Hi Robert,

I'm glad you're finally finished and we all know how treatment sends us to that place of living our life in quiet desperation.  By about midway it seems there is no end in sight while the drugs are ravishing the body and the side effects are kicking in full force.  Then one day it's over and slowly things start coming back together while we wait to see what our fate will be.
It's heartbreaking to read about the relapses and we know it's a possibility but the mind says how can that possibly happen to me.  In my case after 72 wks of tx and relapse seeing someone post SVR was like a double edge sword.  On one hand I was so happy and on the other it tore away at my core.  Such a mixed bag of emotions.  A bit of jealousy and resentment but happiness too because I knew they were victorious in their fight.  Many months have passed since my relapse news and now I'm happy for everyone who wins the battle and no more conflicting feelings. With your 3 month UND there will be a big SVR coming your way soon.  So happy for you and glad your enjoying life and good health again.


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by Marcia2202, May 08, 2010
A huge congratulations to your good results. I'm sorry to hear that you had such a hard time and so glad to hear that it's over and that you are getting back to 'normal', whatever that is after treatment. Personally I feel that having gone through this has made me a more compassionate human being. That is definitely a bonus. Impatiently waiting for your SVR news!!!


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