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Don't Be Shy, Friend requests.

May 07, 2010 - 1 comments

side effects











I suck of late making this site a Habit. SO my trackers are out dated, and I dont remember to check for mail here Still. FOr a Long time I was too sick, well for the past month Ive Not been to sick. Just stressed with life as all of us.

I went off of Zoloft, and gee, guess what? A good portion of my Seizure activity Stopped dead in its worsening tracks. Just as mysteriously as it had began last june.

Wouldnt it be Nice if doctors looked at the Side-effects of a drug and connected the dots? They all think just because its Meant to Help that theres No Way it can be the Cause of Harm. rolls eyes, I dont believe the medical field has Ever changed, They Still Think they Know it All, and still just as Narrow Minded, general grouping that no one person can fit out side the box. When they still Know So Little.

If only MalPractice wasnt an Empty word. How is it, Only  Idiots make it into That field in the first place?

Any way, I rambled lol. BUT message me dont be shy, I'll respond, sometimes eventually lol.

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by mjyesway, May 07, 2010
I agree with you about connecting the dots and (wishing) that the Dr's would have like a one day a month to have group meetings and discuss what all is going on with theor patience.,. After all when you go see them they some times are cold hard ***'es and the box is tight. Other times. They come off as your BEST FRIEND IN THE WORLD.. but that is only when they change your Meds and let you deal with the side effects, '
I try to watch carefully all the side effects.  my family dr'' don't give a ratz@ss anymore. He has quit on me and only takes care of my meds now. If I need other help I'll go to the ER. I'm looking for a better . new Dr that will take the time to get the dotd connected.

Best WIshes and Hug from A friend.

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