Went to doctors today.

Jul 28, 2008 - 5 comments

Talked to a different Doctor today.  Explained alot of what's been going on and that I have been reading on the internet and charting signs and symptoms.  

He looked over everything and ordered the HAIC, Hemogram CBC w/diff platelet, Iron panel, Basic metabolic panel, Thyroid panel (T3 total, T3 uptake, T4 and total TSH, Thyroid antibodies, PTH and a urine microalbumin.  

So if there is anything wrong anywhere it should all be covered.

EKG results.  Sinus rhythm, Possible left atrial abnormality, Incomplete right bundle branch block, ST-T changes in the septal lead, Borderline abnormal changes possibly due to myocardial ischemia.

Hopefully all the bld work or most LOL will be normal.

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458072 tn?1291415186
by peggy64, Jul 28, 2008
How refreshing that he looked at your charts, and took action. As opposed to saying you are just getting older, not eating right, not exercising, etc. That is what most do.

Happy for you

390388 tn?1279636213
by Me967, Jul 28, 2008
Thanks Peggy.  
I was really nervous at first about going in.  Now I'm glad I did.  I was really surprised when he ordered all of that.  He did ask me about quitting smoking but, I told him I wasn't planning on it.  I tried it once before and didn't like it much.  LOL.  He asked about food and I told him I've been eating a lot of sea bass, scallops and orange roughy along with a lot of salads, some oranges and trying to watch my salt intake while feeling like I could eat a whole salt block myself.  LOL  He never met me before so I think I probably caught him off guard.  I also told him I walk on a treadmill at least 20 minutes a day.  Maybe I beat him to the punch.  ha ha.  

I hope you are getting some more rest than what you have been.  Sorry about the "mood tracker" thing.  I thought I had that listed as privet and was blowing off some steam. I think about you every night with you sleeping patterns.  And as to another note earlier.  I do believe in God and in prayers.  Sometimes I struggle and might not be a "good" christian; nevertheless, I try to treat all others the way I would want to be treated and pray for everyone silently.  Some people seem to get mad so I do it on my own behind there backs.  Hee Hee Hee.  

Take care;  Amy

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by momtofourboys, Jul 28, 2008
I am so glad that someone finally seems to be listening.  how are you feeling today? form what I read yesterday you weren't personally feeling good.
do you have to go in for a follow up or are they gong to call you with the results. when should you know


458072 tn?1291415186
by peggy64, Jul 28, 2008

Thank you for your kind words, and please continue to keep me in your prayers.  I really appreciate you doing that. You are in my prayers and one was answered with a great doc. Praise the Lord~~

You might already know, but salt craving is a classic sign of adrenal fatigue. Maybe you can get your dr to do a 24 hour salive test for adrenal glands. That is supposedly the most accurate of them all.

You know, I was thinking God knows we aren't good, but He loves us in spite of it. THat is what makes it so amazing.

You continue on in your journey to wellness.....


390388 tn?1279636213
by Me967, Jul 28, 2008
To my dear friends.

Michelle Hi.  Sorry as I stated in the other post today concerning yesterdays post,  I was blowing off steam.  I just thought I had it set on privet and it went out to the world...huge embarrassment....BIG WHOOPS.  I was peod.  That's all.  Sorry about that.  Though now that my wrest is feeling better I think some target blasting just might be in order.  Lots of clips or at least some big booms.  LOL  That reminds me I need my deer lic. if I want my extra tags this year.  Last year was rough because of my health and the deer also.  They had blue tongue and a lot of them died so this year they cut the tags way back.
Well the swelling in my wrist went down and now my back is hurting again.  LOL.  I don't know.  It sounds crazy even to me with all of these pains.  As far as the doctors office goes I don't know if they are going to just leave it on the automated machine or whether I will have to go back in to talk to them concerning the results.  Since they done so many I'll probably have to go in.  If I do then I guess the question will be with which doctor.  Grrrr.  How are you feeling with your pains?  I hope and pray you have received some relief.  I don't know how you deal with it.  And how is Chris?  Any word concerning his EP study?  I know last month he was supposed to get his pace maker in Boston.  I hope is HR is starting to normalize now.  It's always good to hear from you.  Please take care of yourself and give Cree Cree a hug for me.  I will always keep you, guys in my prayers.  Take care;  Amy

Peggy Hi.  Sorry to read about the acid reflux and having to switch med's again.  I don't do well changing med's.  It always takes me a couple of weeks to adjust.  Concerning the post above; I couldn't believe they actually ran all of the test they did.  They wanted to do a strep but I refused.  I've had a ton of them and they are all negative every time.  As far as the salt they ran the PTH for that.  Time will tell more when the results come in.  I don't even know what to say anymore so hopefully the results will give some kind of a clue to all of this craziness.  They covered just about everything I think.  It will probably be awhile before I ask for anything else in fear of pushing my luck.  LOL.  I hope you are getting some sleep now.  At least a few hours a night.  I will pray for you to have sweat dreams.  Take care;  Amy

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