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Annie's Family (Dinner, 5/8/10)

May 08, 2010 - 0 comments


Aww Annie's mom and dad were here today to help her move out, so they asked me out to dinner. It was so nice to see them again; for a moment, everything felt like old times. I got super sad when I realized that Annie really was going to be gone this summer, and there would be house to just crash at whenever I wanted. Well, I guess we'll have to see what this summer has in store.

We went out to the North End tonight for dinner. Wow, it was nice to pretend not to be a poor college student for a night. I had beef and veal tortellini, which wasn't actually that much because the portions were pretty small. I also had a small piece of bread, a goat cheese and portabello mushroom spring roll, and part of an octopus appetizer. I then finished off Annie's gnocchi. We went to Mike's afterwards, and Annie and I split a cannoli (Florentine this time, which wasn't good--definitely back to classic chocolate chips for me!) and a lobster tail, our last ever until we come back to school! I definitely ate liberally today, so I'm going to try to scale back a tad tomorrow and in the following days so I'm not all bloated for prom.

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