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Pregnancy # 2

May 09, 2010 - 0 comments

4/25/2010: So my LMP was 3/24/10 and i woke up this morning at 2am took a test and POSITIVE...OMG my husband is at work, everyone else is i woke my 4 year old up to tell him...!!!! I am overly excited...

so scheduled my first OB appt for 5/5/2010....i am a nervous wreck

I work for a doctor (not OB) but i decided to check my progesterone level and HCG

1st 4/29/10: HCG 1317   Progesterone 17.6
2nd 5/2/10: HCG 5197  Prog 15.?

Called the OB worried to death and he started me on progesterone supplements by mouth once per day.

5/5/10: went to first vaginal ultrasound. Picked up a yolk sac but no fetal pole or heartbeat. (supposed to be 6wks 1 day; but sac measured 5wks 6 hopefully too early to tell)

Scheduled for another ultrasound on 5/13 (prayers that everything goes well)

**this pregnancy is soooo different than my first. With my first i have a beautiful healthy little boy who is now 4 years old. But i was extremely sick for 36 weeks, i didnt really have any other symptom other than fatigue and heartburn. Well this time around i havent been sick the first time, i am extremely short of breath at times, bloated, breast tenderness, frequent urination, heartburn and severe moodiness! hopefully this just means nothing...but still scared!

5/18/10 - So wow...this pregnancy i am SOOOO nauseated...spent all day yesterday in the bathroom, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and now FEVER :( Dr says just push fluids and that all should be okay,....i have absolutely NO appetite...(wanted to eat everything in sight with my first)....

Weekend of 5/21/10:
Well this weekend hasnt been very promising...have been extremely nauseated and not wanting to eat anything at all! Wow cannot believe nothing sounds good right now. Breasts are still tender and having frequent urination! Went swimming today with the family and YES i kept two meals down (one being a half of cheeseburger from McDonalds; and other being salad from Zaxbys!!) Never knew i could be this excited about eating two meals or portions at that! Well getting ready for another long week of work :(

So wow this has been weird and so unlike my last pregnancy. So last week i felt wonderful..still had the sickness in the morning along with heartburn and nausea at night. And still cant find anything that sounds good (definitely cannot eat sweets of any sort). did an ultrasound last tuesday 6/22 and wow this is a very active baby! moving all around moving arms and legs! Received the doppler in the mail and found the heartbeat at 11 weeks....HR has stayed above 160! Maybe a girl but will be happy with either! Parker and daddy swear this is a boy??? Wonder what it will be. We have been toying with names and we are finally set on a girls name: Addisyn Kay....Boys name: Cade, Parker chose Colin, Brooks???? This is harder than I remember!....Well hopefully nothing but good things to come from here on out...hope im over my hump of major sickness. Still havent gained a pound...but starting to gain the 8 i lost back :)

So havent updated in a bit, but sleep has really been an issue...get up a minimum of 4-6 times per night for bathroom breaks or just cant sleep...The morning sickness has NOT gone  away! Still get sick a minimum of once per day usually within an hour of getting up! It has become a way of life!!! In the past couple of days have started to feel this baby move! Nothing consistent for now...but its nice feeling little one! Went to the doctor yesterday...the whole office sang hap-py birthday to me (meant so much!) also got an ultrasound...Found out we are probably having a girl but will go back on 8/12/10 for official 20 week anatomy scan!!!! I cant wait to buy something gender based!!! Room is all planned out...just gotta pick a paint color to coordinate with my room!!!! I am so overly excited! Dennis was really excited and little man cried and said he wasnt very happy...he wanted a baby brother. But on another note, he is starting to come around :)...I just feel so blessed right now to have such amazing friends, an amazing husband and a wonderful 4 year old who will make the excellent big brother!! Still toying with names. Girls name: Addisyn, thinking of Hudsyn? who knows!!! 15 weeks 5 days today....only 24 weeks left~!

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