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May 10, 2010 - 1 comments

I realized that I'd been counting the number of unmarked symptom squares, comparing one day's symptoms to those of another strictly by the number of boxes checked.  There ought to be some mechanism to rate the severity of the symptoms noted.

Currently, I feel that I'm doing pretty well, probably better than I've felt in a year or so.  Only a few weeks ago, I was convinced I was in a relapse, but now it feels as though I am in a remission.  I still have nearly all the same symptoms, but they are much less intense and much less constant than they have been in times past.

We'll just take it and give thanks to God, and let Him care for tomorrow.

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by Gracie2010, Jun 14, 2010

I have lots of weird vibrations in my legs...did you ever get a diagnosis?  I saw a neurologist for numbness today (June 14 2010) on the bottom of my feet (10ish years) he figures that is a rheumatoid arthritis (which I have) connect as my feet have structure issues now.  As for the vibrations...he has never heard of that and said the vibrations are an oddity....sometimes a small percentage of people get weird things.  I informed him it seems to be a widely experienced issue via the net.  He was a pretty type A personality and didn't like hearing I had confirmation of this issue through the internet.  I wouldn't base a whole lot of faith on his attitude....I don't feel he is competent.  God however, knows what is going would be nice if He would share that with me.  :)  Until then, I guess I am to continue on....vibrations and all.  :)

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