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I want my breast pain to go away!!!

Jul 28, 2008 - 4 comments

breast pain


very tired


hot flashes from tamoxifin

Is there anyone out there with cronic breast pain due to cysts.....please talk with me...Have had surgerys...but the pain is starting to come back...cysts refilling???

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by princessttc, Sep 01, 2008
ive got bad pain due to cysts, its awfull!  Sometimes i feel like im the only one in the world going through this;.. its good to know im not alone! i cant even get my cysts aspirated at the moment seeing im pregnant! the pain is killing me...

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by Dee52, Sep 01, 2008
I too have cystic breast.  I also had breast cancer in 1993 I was 37 oops telling my age! The radiation made my breast so sore it still hurts all the way to the bone to touch the left breast.  I am up for surgery to have a tumor removed that the surgeon thinks is cancer.  I'm going to think positive but admit am scared to death.
I hope you ladies are feeling better.  Jodi I sent you a comment before I read this post...sorry.
My prayers are with you and I hope your pain subsides,

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by Deska, Oct 04, 2008

I had severe pain in my right breast every month as my period drew near. I had multipule cyst's removed in May of 1990, only to be told it was possible that they would grow back. Which they did and the swelling and pain were back full force. The swelling and pain were with me from early 1990. It was impossible to get comfortable. Impossible to wear a bra.
I had the cyst drained by a surgeon who then told me try taking 3 capsules a day( 1 in morning, noon, evening ) of Eveving Primrose Oil ( cold pressed ) in Nov of 2006. I take three 1000mg softgels a day
It is totally amazing, since taking the Evening Primrose Oil there is no discomfort or pain and deffinately no swelling.
So I can say for me it has worked.
Actually pain free since 2006.
  My GYN was really surprised that a surgeon had actually suggested this, the surgeon felt that is we could avoid any type of tissue trama be it neddle or surgery we should.
  Hope this works.

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by tiffanymoody96, Oct 12, 2008
Hi my name is Tiffany today is my first day experiencing breast pain. I've truly never experienced this before and it hurts very bad, I dont know what to think of the pain. I've already had my cycle, so I know it's not that. I dont know what to think. I always have cyst that come and go under my arms but I dont know if that could have been warning signs about anything serious. I also have this sensation on my nipples, kind of like im have leakage but I never see anything. I really just need to know im I over reacting?  

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