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HSG and Brian's Biopsy??

Mar 10, 2016 - 6 comments

I had my HSG done yesterday and everything looked great thankfully. :)  My question though is since we're going to have to do IVF/ICSI(praying they find some lil fellas) then why did I have to have an HSG done?  

So now on to Brians Biopsy.  He'll be having it done on April 5th. :)  They could've done it next week or the week after but I think it shocked him at how soon they could get him in. lol.  I let him make the decision since it's his "boys". lol.  I'm so proud of him. He's taken it upon himself to start vitamin's awhile back and just doing things differently, healthier since knowing he'll have to have this biopsy and we're both hoping and praying they find something to work with.  He'll be out of work from Tuesday until Monday.  I'm honestly not real crazy about the urologists.  That whole office is just weird other than the receptionists.  The receptionists are friendly but when they called to schedule his biopsy she was weird.  The Dr. is quiet and I dunno, I guess my expectations were a little different.  I guess more like the fertility clinic (which I LOVE everyone there). We have to be there at 9:45 am and his biopsy is scheduled for 11:45.  I reckon they'll do preop stuff then?  I know it's not like surgery surgery but does he not get like a little prep kit?  The antibacterial scrub sponge for the night before and so forth?  I'm panicking and it's not even close to time yet.  :S     Thankfully we'll know the results before we leave the hospital. :)  

When I had my first HSG done about 4 years ago the dr. said I had cervical stenosis and sure enough, it's still the same as of yesterday.  Brian and I were talking that even if he had great sperm, they'd have a slim chance getting in there because of the stenosis. :S  Anyone have any idea about a cervical stenosis?  IF and WHEN I get pregnant will I have complications dilating?  

I still feel like crap.  I'm so unbelievably stuffed up it's ridiculous.  I feel a little better but this head pressure and the fluid in my ears needs to go!!!!  I can't smell, can't taste either. :(  Day 8 of this crap today.  Yuck!

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by Belle313, Mar 11, 2016
Not sure why they require an HSG for IVF but I know it's standard protocol. So glad everything is perfect. As far as the stenosis I would think that you might have a mok transfer possibly to make sure there isn't a problem during your embryo transfer. I don't know if it affects delivery or not.

I'm glad B is being so helpful and willing to go thru the biopsy. I'm sure he's a little nervous (who wouldn't be?? I know your probably just as nervous) the 5th will be here before you know it. I would ask the office about a prep but I doubt there is anything that he needs to do in advance for this. They are probably having him come in early to do his paperwork, get his list of meds, medical history, allergies, take his vitals and to make sure he's there and ready for the doctor on time. It's standard protocol.

Hope you get to feeling better real soon! That is a nasty flu going around. I had it for weeks :( maybe the sinus rinse would help? Love you guys,

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by Des_a_rae, Mar 11, 2016
Thank you so much E! Oh ok I didn't know it was standard.  Good to know though.  Oh I've read about mock transfers.  Probably wouldn't be a bad idea.  Do you think that since they did my HSG here they'll put that in the notes of my results and my RE will see it?  I just want to make sure he knows. 

I am so glad also.  He's totally taken this upon himself.  I'm sure deep inside he's nervous also and like you said,  who wouldn't be.  I'm so excited and nervous, scared and worried.  Wished it was today lol. 

Thank you.  It's awful isn't it?  Today is day 10 for me and I feel better finally.  Not great but alot better.  Just praying Brian don't get it.  Not before biopsy ugh. 

I hope all is well with you and your bunch E! Love you guys also! 

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by Belle313, Mar 12, 2016
I would make sure to tell your RE just in case it isn't noted in the HSG report.  Hopefully, everything continues to go smoothly and you are announcing big news very soon!! Hopefully the sickness passes right by B.

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by Des_a_rae, Mar 12, 2016
Thank you E! Yeah I'll definitely mention it to the nurse and him just in case.  That's what I'm hoping for also,  that it just passes right by him.  :)

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by Hollus, Mar 12, 2016
Well this sounds promising and I am praying that hubs has amazing and plentiful little fellas!! I don't know much about cervical stenosis but if you are not able to dilate, I'm sure your doctor will schedule you for a c section. It'll be alright and the doctors will take excellent care of you and baby!  :-)

I am sorry that you are feeling so crappy!! Have you tried using a neti pot. I have been under the weather and very congested myself the past week and it has made all the difference! I like being able to breath. Also, I use a combination of Sudafed (60mg) and guaifenesin (400 mg) which helps too! Being sick is no fun and I hope you are feeling better very soon!!

Love and hugs my friend and praying for your BFP!!

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by mhv, Mar 12, 2016
The make you do an hsg to make sure you can carry a pregnancy.   Looking for abnormalities.   Sounds like your embryos will have a wonderful short term lease home :)

I don't know anything about the biopsy,  but will be thinking about him :)
I am sorry you aren't impressed with the urologist office.  Just remember,  they don't deal with "infertility"  a lot, so they aren't as compassionate as your fertility clinic.  Hang in there!

I am So excited and proud of you both :)

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