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I'm Not a Big Fan

Jul 29, 2008 - 11 comments

of doctors who don't do their job (s).  Now, I live in a small town about fifty minutes from Huntsville and an hour and fifteen minutes from Birmingham.  I have been in the hospital no less than 20 times since October 2007, AND I have had big time stomach issues for the past several months that I think are due to either a valve that doesn't close all the way or chronic pancreatitis.  That's what I think.   So they need to put me into th hosp and try to see what the deal is (endoscopy is normal save for gastritis).  So they let me go last week after only a 24 hour admit because the endoscopy was normal except that this has HELPED NOTHING.

more later, too tired to finish

k.  back now since I am still too ill to sleep.  So this huge tool of a guy finally convinces the nurse on call (not like he could BOTHER calling himslf mind you) that I will have to get admitted though tue  ER IF they tink its wuarr\s\\\\\zanted -  not sure which lexicon I got those last couple words from, not the English one anyway.  Just goes to show you how miserable I am.  Then I do this mean thing, true though it may be, where I yell at my best friend Val, who HAS been the best friend a girl could EVER ask for while going through hepc, and I ***** at her for obviously bringing home a stomach virus from the plant because it turns out that yes, she does have another stomach virus.  Still though.  I was an utter ***** about it.

Whatever happened to the nice Sydney you all knew during tx?  I had no blood and hence no energy to be mean and type A then, that's what.

So today everyone has been calling me.  EVERYONE.  If I needed people to call they wouldn't call like this.  They want to know, where my chicken specs are (given ad nauseum to everyone last year in color coded folders).  They want to know how I feel (ok until you woke me up and reminded me that I needed to vomit again), they want to know, oh I don't know --- I'm being melodramatic.  The most touching though is that my mom called telling me to go the ER.  I went back to sleep;  Told her I'd go later if it got bad again (me not being the martyr type).  Then Val, my best friend called and woke me up 30 minutes later saying, Your mom REALLY wants you to go to the ER.  To which I repeated the aforementioned verbiage about going if it gets worse.  I left out the part about possibly checking in to the insane asylum under an assumed name if maybe that will garner me some sleep because clearly, this isn't working.

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by lhughes, Jul 29, 2008
All I can say is, have you tried UAB?  Yes, it's an hour fifteen from your house.  It's about that far from mine (south side, though)....good docs and hospital, I've gotten good treatment there.

I hope you can find some answers!

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by Teresa222, Jul 29, 2008
Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville is not that far either. I highly recommend it for diagnosis.

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by alagirl, Jul 29, 2008
Yeah,its just that too get into the door at UAB, which I have used also for my tx (hence my being able to stop ealy as a documented acute) takes even longer than getting into the Huntsville guys.  PM me if you have better way though for crisis contracts because I know HATE my gastro group in Huntsville.

I REALLY HAD IT OUT with the nurse prac today (at the gastro) ta few hours ago) and said, You know, it is your physician group's responsibility to care for the patients of other physicians in the group and this Dr; Myers CAN'T EVEN COME TO THE PHONE???

Then she had the stupidity of trying coddle me like I'm a amateur, and I said, You know what lady, when I get well enough to report your office to the medical board I am going to throw in there how you told me that you had "PENTY" of other acute patients you were treating.  Which was, in fact, according to the physician you are under, a bald faced lie.  It was also a juge reason why I went to your office.   I am no okie from miskokie (sp?) (and no offense to the okies btw), but you are the type of person who makes PA's look bad.

So to say that I lost it with this woman, well and good is an understatement.  Then she lied AGAIN. Am i going to start taping this chick? saying, well - I never said we couldn't admit you out of your local ER or that you'd have tp come all the way to our ER...  Double freakin what?  She sure the shoot did.  I have had it with this ignorant woman and one or two docs at that clinic who make the rest look bad (because in their defense, they do have some good docs who are open to learnng, Dr. Ferrante comes to mind as a pretty decent fellow.

So then after she told me they couldn't admit if they hadn't seen me before. I said, well dear how do you thnk the hematologists did it every week?  Are you thinking I took those on call docs for a five course meal prior or do you think they listened to the info and made an educated decision.  To which she replied snottily, Well maybe you should call them insead of us.  Now what kind of stupid *** comment is THAT?  I said. Sweetheart, I only with I was having a hematology issue so I could speak to someone with some common sense.

Now mind you that I have been puking and the other...ummm. end...sinceover  four days ago.  I didn't need her ****.  I am going to the local ER and I am going to make them wake that Huntsville doc up to admit me if I have to give someone a blow job (although perhaps. given my nausea, that might be best left until I feel bettter.

Thanks for letting me vent,  You know what they say, right?  A friend will help you move.  A good friend will help you move a body. ;)

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by Zepora, Jul 30, 2008
I'm so sorry for all that you are going through and for your pain & suffering. You have a right to vent your anger at any time, we're all there for you.
I wish that there was something that I could do to make things better for you, but it will have to be through my prayers.
Hope you are feeling better soon.
Big Hugs and lots of prayers,

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by lhughes, Jul 30, 2008
You are my kind of gal.... my husband quotes that all the time.

Um....  thinking here....  oh, and I hadn't read up on your other stuff until AFTER I posted that about UAB...oops on my part....  could your other UAB doc give you a referal to a gastroent person there?  

When I had my cancer, I SHOULD HAVE, but didn't get a second opinion there.  After it was all done, my surgeon wouldn't release me (whom I did not get along with) I had my OB refer me to a surgeon (and I got a whole group of people with my requested doc) at UAB.  Sneaky way to do it, but it worked and I have not regretted one minute of the back-handedness to get there.

I looked up on the UAB website, found someone who I thought I would like, tried to get in their front door, but this doc was one of those "must have a referal, cannot get there yourself" I got my OB to refer me.  It worked.  I had an appt in about 3 weeks, but it was SO worth the wait.  Another thing, you could just show up at their ER and see where it gets you since your symptoms are so acute.

Vent away, sounds like you got a sh** of a nurse.

Personally, I think it would be worth the drive to show up at their ER.  It may take forever and a day to get some help, but it might actually be worth the effort.  I don't know about the rest of the hospital, but the oncology, radiology, and plastic surgery divisions (and the associated testing areas) are most excellent, to me.

Oh, and I did go see an OB there (OB refered us on the phone, had an appt that week, I think) when we found out we were pregnant and had cancer.  Also, again..wonderful doc and excellent treatment even if we didn't need her or the OB unit.  Thankfully.

Just some ideas.  You sound like you REALLY need someone to work with you and get this fixed ASAP.  Good luck to you.  You might even ask those lovely folks at that office to refer you....they just might since ya'll are not getting along too well.  ??  Worth trying, too.

And I would report nurse to the office in a formal letter and if that office is associated with a hospital, I would report them to the board, too.

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by lhughes, Jul 30, 2008
PS... let me know if I need to make a road trip!

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by alagirl, Jul 31, 2008
Ya'll are SO COOL!  I love that you listen to me vent ;)  Sometimes I have to admit I do go a little too overboard.  Like for example this morning when the top came off the burn on my leg and the whole thing looked mottled red and green and grey (my thigh) such that at 3am I was just convinced that my entire leg was going to fall off.  And so naturally, I called everyone in my family (I can hear people now saying - note to self, don't give Sydney our phone number - lol)  But for real, I called my family AND made my best friend drive me to the local ER. and the doctor did not agree with my assessment that I was in mortal danger.  hmphh!  Anyway.  No, seriously, that's good news really.  And we did pray in the car before I went in because I was very scared.  There is a local girl who lost all four limbs and it started out with a sore on her thumb so many of us live in grievous fear of some freak infection taking our limbs.  Anyway, the doctor said that apparently the months of interferon is just still causing my skin to be very friable and fragile even though its been a few months since I finished it and this is why the burn won't heal and why the skin is so thin everywhere on my body.  Have to run the the rheumatologist now.  Am hoping for methotrexate or something to help with my joints, and then I can work on the hematologist.  Talk with all of you later.  Thanks for listening,


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by medicmommy, Jul 31, 2008
(((((((((((((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))))))))) Hang in there chicka...May all mean nurses be infested with Riba rash on their hoo-hoos! (Daughter's word!) I'm so sorry you've felt so miserable...It's good to see you still have the mental health to vent -feels good, huh? Take care...                                                                         ~Melinda

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by alagirl, Aug 01, 2008
So tonight I was reading through the records I picked up today and funny thing, and I know its not a HUGE big hairy deal or anything, but to me since I've been puking here, there, and everywhere lately - and when that happens it makes my inguinal hernia hurt in my lower stomach, and then I get miserable and cranky and whiney and prone to writing long winded posts like this one, I would kind of have preferred that instead of my doctor telling me, "Well, I did the endoscopy, and you just had some gastritis, but I see that in about seven out of every ten scopes I do," which wasn't helpful since I was still in the hospital throwing up and also it made me feel kind of dumb, like I had no reason to be sick, so I would have preferred that instead of saying THAT, he, oh - I don't know, maybe at least might have MENTIONED the honking hiatal hernia that he apparently also found hanging out in there.  Yeah.  Don't know why he didn't mention that, you'd think it would kind of follow.  

My mom assures me that this is not impressive and that the same proverbial seven out of ten people have those too, but... its not her throwing up her cookies every day lately, and sorry but gross out warning here, regurgitating all of this bile which is unpleasant and really painful.  So.  At least I feel like I kind of know what's going on.  Basically, I got FAT while I was treating and apparently decided it would be fun to push my stomach up through my esophagus, and hopefully it will diminish as I lose my treatment weight.  Please God.  Because as much as my mom thinks its normal, I didn't HAVE THIS BEFORE and I LIKED IT that way.  And I'm not used to pain with my food, and pain without my food.  So I want to return it - but at least its good motivation to keep losing the weight I gained.  I think that's supposed to put less pressure on it if I lose weight in my tummy.  I think.  I'm hoping.  If not, I'll go talk to the gastro guy who did the scope and ask if there's anything else I can do to help make it feel better.  Has anyone else had experience with one of these and what helped you make it hurt less and not get sick?

Today, I think I want the doctors to get the rash on their hoohoos.  It's been one of those doctor days.  I'll post more on a new post just in case the entire western world isn't tired of hearing from me griping about doctors yet.

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by alagirl, Aug 08, 2008
I'm happy to say that when I went to my pain doctor he recommended that I up my prilosec from once a day until twice a day.  So instead, I thought, why not up it to four times a day?  And so I did up it to four times a day just for a few days, and it worked.  My stomach seems to be much much better now.  And my spelling too!  LOL , just laughing, because I noticed I was so sick, and tired, and annoyed in those former posts, that I was typing really fast, and my spelling was terrible.  But yeah, I haven't been nauseous that past couple of days and that's great.

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by Ness69, Aug 08, 2008're my kinda gal too.
I'm hearing you sister, it's kinda cool cause I vent through here too and I really have improved my headspace through the contact I make here. I 've read a lot of your words and I relate. You are one articulate fiesty woman and I dont many people in my inner circle, but the ones that have a lot in common with you. I respect any person who can fight for themselves.
Let me know when you need that body moved...

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