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Missing you my Friends

May 12, 2010 - 0 comments

I have been away as my husband Mike had double knee replacement surgery on February 10th. He just went back to work this Monday, May 10th. I did not have much time to do to much like getting on the computer. Well it was an interesting 3 months while Mike was recuperating. We had some interesting conversations. We had a few arguments about my health. Which hurt so much. He is frustrated as I am with the Fibro. and all of it's syndromes. We cried together and talked. We did watch a few movies.  We learned things about each other that after 37yrs. of marriage we did not know how we felt about some things.  But in the end we still love each other.
We had a couple of visits with our younger daughter and 2yr. old grand daughter from Arizona which was wonderful!!

I currently am dealing with a concussion from the MS walk, I accidentally tipped my power scooter and it was on top of me and I took a bad fall into the street the morning we were getting ready to take Mike to the hospital for his knee
surgery. I was showing our oldest son how to break down my power scooter to put into the trunk, I was handing the battery pack to Troy lost my balance and fell into the street and hit my head very hard twice in the street. My dr. told me that between the 2 falls I have a mild concussion that will probably last for weeks.or even a few months. That scared me as I had a severe concussion with multiple skull fractures when I was 14 and in a coma for 3 weeks, nearly died. I was told then if I got any head injuries later in life could kill me.  So here I am 40 years later with a concussion. So now I am suppose to take it easy.   And as a result my Fibro. is still in a huge flare.  My balance has been getting worse over the past year as well as my memory. It is frustrating not being able to remember what I was looking for or going to say. Having to rely on my walker, cane or scooter to get around. And depression still here I just am not able to get control of it.
Well I want all of you to know I have missed you very much. I just did not have the energy to type while I was helping my hubby recuperate. There are days I have trouble typing on the computer like today.

I will be in touch more, promise.

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