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Still waiting...

May 12, 2010 - 1 comments

After the + HPT and the neg blood test, I am still waiting. I am gaining new symptoms everyday it seems. My OB nurse said to go back in Thur for another blood test and see if last weeks wasn't to early. She said sometimes the HPT are more sensitive, because the labs don't all use the same sensitivity scales. Some have HCG at 5, 10, or even at 25. But before I waste my time with a blood test I am going to use a FRER test tomorrow morning and if it comes back neg. then I will trust it to be true. If it is + then I will definitely go in for the blood test.
I know that nausea and fatigue breast soreness can all be caused by different things. But the bladder leaking has me confused. I have only ever experienced it when I was pregnant and no other time. My clothes don't fit around the middle which is frustrating because weeks ago they did. Then today I started having sciatic nerve pain and when I was blowing bubbles for my DD I got really light headed. I have headaches all the time and my mood swings are like a roller coaster. I have never had PMS. My mother told me she had to adopt to get a girl who didn't. I am also extremely forgetful. I have forgotten 3 ocupational therapy appt. in the last week and a half. I usually have a great memory even with 4 kids. LOL!!!!
I had 2 very very faint + with FRER about 2 wks ago. Then 2 faint + with equate early result test. I neg blood test last Thur. and nothing since. So I will just wait and see what I see or don't see. LOL!!

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by sparkles30, Jun 21, 2011
Your not alone sweet. im in the same boat as you. 2 positive hpt and 2 neg blood test. but i know im still pregnant. me and my husband have a beautiful little girl whos 7. having all the symptoms you can think of. But the most that sticks out to me is my stomach, its so hard most of the time and cramping like crazy. going to the doctors tomorrow to get a referall to a gyno. thay can check my uterus to see if it has grown bigger. giving an indication if i am pregnant or not, i was told. Dont give up hope. I HAVNT. by the way had light spotting ( it lasted for 7 days) instead of my very heavy flow with jelly like substence that always last for 2 to 3 weeks. and i never get any symptoms when i do have my period. NOT ONE. keep me updated please

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