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Being "Safe"

May 13, 2010 - 1 comments





Safe sex



I am so annoyed today thinking about taking the next 2 months off of ttc. I cannot imagine going back to practicing safe sex with my husband. The idea of it completely turns me off. I wonder if my hubby will kill me if we just don't BD for the next 2 months??? Probably really unfair to him I suppose. I don't know, I just feel weird being preggers for like a week and then not again. Why do I keep getting robbed, Seriously what the heck???

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by Mum2CandS, May 14, 2010
I know how frustrating it is... I felt exactly the same when I had my second miscarriage.  It was hard after having the first one, but I accepted it because I knew most women have at least one m/c in their reproductive life, so that was my ONE. Then after having the second I thought... what's wrong with me, why is this happening??  Anyway, now here I am- third time lucky (although it's still early days for me). I will be praying that you will be third time lucky too. Hang in there, you know you fall preg easily, you will have your sticky little bean soon xx

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