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Coming home

May 13, 2010 - 1 comments





coming home



Well last night when I walked I had contractions that made me have to pee with every one and stop what I was doing but they stop when I get in the bed. I came home today but I had 7 contractions in the last hr right before I left. I had more on the way home and still going. These are so different then the ones I had been having all this time! I have had no more blood since Tuesday night though. I was checke dand I am still the same no change. Now to wait till it is time. Next time I will not go till I know it is time! I just hope I can make it there!!! THe contractions hurt and he pushes down when I have them and I feel real bad rectal pressure. I also have menstrual cramps that radiate to my thighs and low back. Very tired! I love the hospital though and just can't wait to meet Henry!

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by forestfairie, May 14, 2010
oh goodness! i had a vibe that something was happening with you so i logged on to check.  hope your ok!

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