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Ovarian Cyst VS Pregnancy

Mar 21, 2016 - 0 comments

Okay. I found out I had gallstones last year. I went a whole year with gallstones problems and attacks. Sept 2015 is when i missed my period for the first time. Had a short periodin Oct. 2015. 2 days. Skipped Nov 2015. Had a gallbladder attack. Had a CT scan done. Just gallstones nothing else. Normal in Dec 2015. Jan 2016 I decided to get my gallbladder removed. I had a CT scan with/without dye. Guess what showed up. A 6 cm cyst on my right ovary. I have history of cysts. I have endometriosis also. Normally causes lots of extra painful periods but my hormones seem off balance. I havent had a period since Jan. After surgery period went on like normal. Its mid March still no AF. No pain from it either. What has been happening about a week ago. I started getting extremely nauseated and vomiting and so sensitive to certain foods. I have heartburn also. My breast are tender and this was the week I was supposed to be on my period. I didnt have any symptoms my missed period in Feb. 2016. I took a test in Feb 2016 after my missed period. Took two. BFN. Now its March 2016 missed period and all pregnancy symptoms. I dont have any pain like from a cyst. I have two kids. 3 and 4. I dont remember pregnancy symptoms and i was shocked both times i found out i was pregnant. So i just want to know if its just hormones and its off balance from the cyst. I havent been to the dr since Jan 2016. Just wish i had some sort of answer. I dont want to spend more money on tests or pay to go to the dr.

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