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Sunday 16/05/2010

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Went back to the doctors today to get my painkillers only to be told that I couldn't have them, well not the normal script anyway!  Being the weekend there is just one doctor who sees everyone and he is not my regular doctor. He said he will give me enough of the medication for today and tomorrow but I have to make another appointment with my regular doctor tomorrow as he is the one who started giving me the pain killers. Apparently it is a new rule with strong medication. Far enough, I get this but it is very frustrating that I have to go back to the doctors again tomorrow. That's 3 times in 3 day! Just once a week is enough for me, it is a big effort. The thing that annoyed me the most was the doctors attitude towards me. He said he doesn't agree with me being given these type of meds and that from what he has read on my file, it looks like just a corpus luteum cyst and 'we all get those'. Well, even if it was just a corpus luteum cyst, how rude of him to suggest that it doesn't cause me any pain. Also the gyno said he doesn't know what the mass is, it is just a mass until he does the surgery and sees what it actually is. The 2nd ultrasound I had, the ultrasound tech suggested on the report that it maybe a complex corpus luteum or Endometrioma, but the gyno has said he doubts it is either of these and he isn't 100% sure it is actually ovarian, it may be bowel related. I guess the doctor was just reading what was on my file, even though I told him what the gyno said. And as it continues to grow, it's obviously not going to go away on it's own. I was so angry and frustrated when I left the doctors. Like I said in my last post, I really wanted to say to the doctor, "well, you grow ovaries, have a mass on them and see how much it hurts!" I hate that with doctors if a piece of papers says that a certain medical problem should only have certain symptoms and you have more or different symptoms then you couldn't possibly have that problem. The doctor I saw today was really quite rude and I defiantly will be having a long chat with my normal doctor tomorrow. :(

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by ska4life1986, May 16, 2010
i can see were you are coming from ,i would agree with you about the doctor been rude its unacceptable to brush you off like that how dare he ,he dont know what it feels like to have a mass pushing and shoving his organs the only way they will know whats going on is when they go in and look ,when i went back for my post op appointment i wasent happy either i felt i was making a drama over nothing i asked what size was dermoid she said not big i asked again how big she said the size of an orange well to me thats big ,she just wasent interested at all never asked me how do i feel never looked at incision ,yes it is frustrating ,my own doctor was very concerned he even said he was sorry to hear i had this surgery and it ment alot i hope you will get answers soon you are having a rough time of it, take care x

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by hdebbie7, May 16, 2010
Why do we get treated like this in the UK. Do they think we are all drama queens or something it makes me so mad it really does. How can they know how we feel and what pain we all go through, they havent got ovaries these stupid men doctors.

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by BrandiKBubble, May 17, 2010
I made a comment on one of your previous journal entries without reading the more recent ones. oops. I feel for you. I feel like the dr's just can't understand my pain.  I feel like i'm being deprived and neglected when I'm told that I have to "just deal" with the pain this thing is causing me. I never knew how frustrating health complications could be.

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by tammylove, Jan 09, 2012
      I have read some of your comments, and I have a 6.3cm cyst on my left ovary and from what my doctor says it is getting bigger in size, I am a little worried, I go on January 24, for a test and then back to my doctor to see what they are going to do, I have a lot of pain on my left side, and on my back toward the bottom on left side, I guess I am very scared of it being cancer, my mom fought two types of cancer in three years and had a stem replacement, and her sister died from ovarian cancer .. so this makes me worry even more, I am 40 years old, I have a 21 year old son, just need some advice from others, Thank you

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