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here we go again!!!!!!!!!!!

May 16, 2010 - 0 comments








for teen in jemison al. who jumped off a interstate bridge last week!!!!! All cause of some  cuss cuss bully's in school who drove her to this because of her weight!!!!!!!!!!!! They will pay God will make sure they get their day !!  i am very passionate about this, Well I've been there and its not a pretty picture!!!!  kids are so cruel and the parents prob. planted the evil seeds very young. All kids, are spongebobs,  they absorb everything.... even if you didn't think they were listening. Oh  yes....... they hear what they choose to hear!!!!!  so plant good seeds and if somebody else planted a evil one, Buck up and guide it in the right direction!!!!!!!!!!!!     My heart goes out to her parents, family and friends!!!!!!!!!

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